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Mr Chen

I'm a car owner of the new Golf A7 SKDxxxxM and this is the second time I bought my car from VCS. I would like to commend the excellent service from Shirley Tham (from sales dept) and Germaine (from VW Macpherson body and paint dept). As my car had a delivery discrepancy upon collection, Shirley had expeditiously facilitated in resolving the issue to her best ability. Moreover, she had also closely tracked and monitored my case and arranged the installation of solar film and spoiler as soon as possible. During the installation of the spoiler, Germaine provided timely status updates of my car, which is a commendable effort that i don't experience during in my previous Golf's 15k & 30k servicing. Her timely updates gave me assurance that my car was being well taken care of.

Despite my bad experience with VW initially due to delivery discrepancy, the service displayed by Shirley and Germaine had brought back my confidence in VCS. Kindly convey my feedback to their managers and I hope VCS aftersales service would continue to improve.

Mr Teo

To: The Management, Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra)

I recently purchased a Volkswagen Golf and I wish to compliment your staff, Mr. Edmund Nai, for the excellent service provided to me.

Mr. Nai has an excellent customer service attitude. He is very approachable, easygoing and possesses excellent product knowledge. He was very detailed in explaining all the features of the VW Golf. After listening to his explanations and test driving the Golf, I was very impressed with his presentation and the car. 

I had owned several cars before my Volkswagen Golf and I must say that this is the one of those times that I feel very happy with my purchase. Overall, I would rate the service provided by Mr Nai and my overall experience with Volkswagen as Excellent.

Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Nai for making my first experience with Volkswagen Singapore a very pleasant and happy one !

Also, all credit to Volkswagen for a great car !

Mr Woo

Dear Customer Care,

I wish to commend on your salesperson Edison Neo’s good attitude during the duration when I bought my Golf 2013 from Jan 2013 to Apr 2013.

He was patient with me & also has lots of knowledge regarding the motor industry.

I’m very pleased with his prompt service & VW should have more sales people like him.

Thank you & best regards.

Mr Yeoh

Dear Jacqueline,

After our purchase of a Jetta Sport collected on 28 September, I would like to give you some feedback.

First of all, I must commend you for your attentive service and close follow up during the sale transaction. Your call to advise me of the possibility of COE price increase was very timely and proactive.

Following that, your clear communication, follow up and assistance to find a dealer for my old car shows good customer service.

That said, I would like to give some feedback on the car. The noise insulation at highway speeds is not as good as I thought it would be. It's not especially loud, just that I expected it to be more muted. Is this normal or should it be looked into?

Thank you.

Mdm Balakrishna

Dear Sir/Madam,I am very happy with my new Passat.

I wish to acknowledge Shawn Lim who saw to the purchase of my Passat. The sales process was indeed very smooth, with Shawn updating me regularly on COE bid, registration of the car etc.

Dr Phang

Dear Mr Wong

I am writing to thank you for your kind assistance in arranging a courtesy car for me on Wed. My colleagues were very impressed by the level of customer service at VW. My job entails a lot of rushing around in the context of a very tight schedule, at times, so the assistance rendered was much appreciated. Edison and Zul were also extremely helpful. On a less positive note, though, I wonder why a car which is less than a year old is having problems, including a gearbox recall, and a change of mechatronic on Wed. This apart, I find driving the Golf A7 a very nice experience. I told Edison that very few cars can outrun the Golf on the road.

Mr W

Good day Jimmy,

Thank you for your time earlier in VW Alexandra showroom despite your busy schedule.

The vehicle purchased in January 2013 is showing mechanical issues and would like to send my vehicle for rectification for the following:

1) vehicle juddering

2) side mirrors not able to open up

3) window stuttering

4) annoying sound at rear side of vehicle when moving off

5) RCD310 button dropped off. Reported approximately a month ago when sending in for first 15k servicing.

*as spoken earlier, I would need a courtesy car to ferry my folks during the course of repair.

That aside, good day to VW General Management and Team, I would like to write in a complimentary letter to inform VW General Management Singapore and Germany, for the sales person, Jimmy Lee, for his prompt response and services from the time purchasing this product, and his prompt aftersale service excellence and assurance.

Perceiving from the iconic VW hippy van  when I was in London, I was caught by attention via the advertisements over national tele and radio broadcast featuring Dave Gahan, I was caught by the new age family and friends oriented advertisment; I went forward purchasing a sedan car for my family. From a consumer end perspective, I would like to commemorate Jimmy Lee for his relentless effort executing in aftersales service excellence with integrity.

During the course of mechanical breakdown, I sent in a service request via online platform a month ago and I hadn't received any callback from service department for a month until today, I swung by VW Alexandra earlier this afternoon, one of the SAs had to put me through this protocol. I was told I had to send my vehicle in for a day for rectification for a new vehicle purchased less than 1 year. I meet up with Jimmy Lee shortly and he assured without a blink of an eye; a lady called my mobile promptly to follow up.

I spoke to a few Service Advisors and was told it's not possible to escalate request for a courtesy car during the course of repair as I need the vehicle for work and ferrying my elderly folks on weekends. I wasn't very please over the counter because it seemed like the Service Advisors didn't take into consideration to accustom to daily social needs and marketing and advertising initiatives that has been put forth in Singapore market. For a moment I felt I landed myself with a wrong purchase.

According to a report I came across from a business studies conducted by a group of marketing students and finance institution published in the marketing magazine, a company will exceed in revenue sales target because of recurring sales and possible new accounts based on excellent aftersales service.

Based on my observation in VW Alexandra, he is a great employee which has a great attitude in assuring his clients and I am very sure he is truly an asset to Volkswagen Singapore.

I would like to thank Jimmy Lee and the General Management in Singapore for service excellence. I definitely will recommend my network of friends and clients to purchase via Jimmy Lee.

Thank you and I am looking forward to working with a business relationship with Volkswagen in the future.

Mr Goi

My car’s door and undercarriage have been noisy for almost two months, Idid sent in my car twice to verify the problems but never solve at all.

Before I send in my car on the 18/03/2014 to verify my problems, I did getmy sales representative, Miss Alicia from Alexandra to test drive my car.

On 18/03/2014, I sent in my car again as the noisy sound from the doors andundercarriage is very irritating to me when I am driving.

William attended to me and engage the tester, Mr Gary Tan to test drive my car foralmost ten minutes, he knew that I am very frustrated and angry as the problem cannotbe solve even after I sent in my car for 2 times.

He immediately attended to me and said he might be able to solve within an hour.Thus, I waited at the service workshop and he finally return with my car in an hour time.

Now my door’s irritating sound is gone but I can still hear the undercarriage "metal hitting sound"when is driven on uneven road.

I appreciate Gary Tan and Miss Alicia for the helpfulness, professionalism and attentivenesstowards solving my problem.

Now the "metal hitting sound" from the undercarriage is still bearable. If the problem stillexist, I will send my car back to your workshop again and hope that Mr Gary Tan can solve it for me.

Have a nice day.

Mr Lim

Dear Management of VW Team

First of all, i would like to thank you for the team for attending my car issues.

Understand this time round the car serving took so long to repair, even though, i know all this car issues are mainly from the manufacture. But the one thing for sure, is the customer service team had provide a good service on the support.From the time i purchased the car from the Sales Person, Mr Steve Hung, he had been attending to me for my car problems. He did a very good follow up and provide me a courtesy car and arrange by Alex Chong.When the car is being sent for servicing, the Service Advisor, Mr Alex Chong keep me update of the status of my car issue, even their Service Advisor Manager, Mr Derus Kwang also look into the issue and expediter my issues.

This car problems (pls refer to record in your system) had been there since 1+ year but now it had been solved by your Service Advisor Manager, Mr Derus Kwang. 

Hopefully the issues will not be come back again. Appreciate your service.

Thank you & Best Regards:

Mr Yeo


I just did my 45k servicing at Alexandra on 6 May and I'm very pleased with Mr Naveen's work ethic as well as his professionalism in engaging his customer. 

I'm exceptionally comfortable with the service he rendered as he is able to explain clearly on certain issues that I have enquired. He has demonstrated good knowledge of the VW car.

As for my sales agent, Ms Angie Tan, she has been relentlessly assisting me with all the queries relating to my car, since the day that I bought this car. In fact, with her valuable advice, I am able to save some time without even require to drive to the service center.

Most of the customers would not even be bothered to write a compliment letter after receiving such good service but, I thought of giving a pat on your staff's back by writing this email to recognize their good work. 

Keep up the spirit as well as your good work!

Ms Siew

This email is to compliment Douglas Koh for his tremendous help in the recent visits to your workshop to attend to various issues, on top of the annual servicing.

He was very patient and clear in his handling of the issues concerning the non-aligned back door, the signal lever, etc although these are technical issues.

Ms Lau


I would like to highlight my pleasant experience with the team at Alexandra service center.

My car windscreen cracked and I had to contact VW for replacement. The bad experience took a happy turn because of the team at Alexandra as they:

- Arranged a replacement car for me (Thank you, Germaine)

- Followed up with the insurance, and provide timely update to me (Thank you, Pearlyn and team at Body and Parts)

- Followed up on the status of the repair (Thank you, Anthony)

Keep up the good work.


*Personal information of the customers have been censored for privacy purposes.