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Volkswagen calls selected Beetle models into the workshop

Owners of 241 cars in Singapore will be contacted directly

Singapore, 18 October 2014 – In the context of a voluntary safety measure, Volkswagen is calling 241 Beetle vehicles, sold between 2012 and 2014, into the workshop in Singapore. The Quality Assurance department of Volkswagen has determined that a rear impact (e.g. rear-end collision) can result in a pre-damage of the trailing arm of the rear torsion crank axle.

If this damage is not detected and is then not repaired, this can in individual cases cause a sudden break of the trailing arm and a loss of control of the vehicle.

The analyses performed by Volkswagen have shown without a doubt that in cases where the described damage occurred, there was a pre-existing damage in the trailing arm (e.g. after a rear-end impact) that had not been repaired and which had caused the damage. There have been no reported cases in Singapore to date.

The axle used in the Beetle is safe and corresponds with the current level of the latest running gear technology. Volkswagen has already introduced optimised test and repair instructions at its service organisations worldwide.

In the context of a voluntary safety recall, metal inlays are also being mounted on the trailing arms of the rear torsion crank axle. These inlays prevent a direct loss of control over the vehicle in the event a pre-damaged trailing arm breaks and will clearly warn the driver acoustically so that he can go to the nearest workshop as quickly as possible.

Customers who own the mentioned vehicles will be notified directly by Volkswagen Singapore. This operation will start in the first quarter of 2015.

All Beetle customers who are uncertain if their vehicle was repaired properly after a previous accident may contact Volkswagen Singapore at 6305 7299 for a free axle inspection.