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Volkswagen Singapore you can do better

You Can Do Better is an initiative by Volkswagen Singapore.


Find out how you can do better:


The Volkswagen kid asks: "How many airbags does your car have?"

He chooses the Volkswagen Polo. He knows that while most small to medium sized cars come with only 1 or 2 airbags, the Polo has 6 airbags - front, side and curtain - as standard. These protect him and his family from both front and side impacts.

This means he and his family is 22% more likely to survive an accident.


The Volkswagen kid asks: "What gearbox are you driving on?"

He chooses the Volkswagen Golf. Unlike cars with traditional automatic gearboxes or CVTs, the Golf comes standard with Volkswagen's efficient DSG. He knows this gives smooth, uninterrupted gear changes and a more responsive ride. A smarter gearbox like the DSG also allows him to enjoy 22% fuel savings compared to a normal automatic gearbox.

This means the Volkswagen kid and his family recognise innovation and are more technologically-savvy.


The Volkswagen kid asks: "What kind of fuel injection does your car's engine have?"

He chooses the Volkswagen Jetta. He knows that in contrast to competitors which still use traditional multi-point injection engines, all Volkswagen cars come with high-precision direct injection engines which can precisely meter the amount of fuel needed in every driving situation. The result is superb power delivery characteristics and a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption.

This means the Volkswagen kid and his family save money on fuel, spend less time filling up and enjoy their drives together much more.


The Volkswagen kid asks: "Does your car have Electronic Stabilisation Programme?"

He chooses the Volkswagen Tiguan. He knows that ESP is mandatory in the European Union because it's considered such an important safety feature, yet many cars sold in Singapore do not even have it as an option. ESP contributes to a 32% reduction in accident risk in wet weather conditions. All Volkswagen models sold in Singapore have ESP as standard.

That means the Volkswagen kid and his family are always safe and are more likely to avoid having an accident even when the roads are treacherous.


The Volkswagen kid asks: "Is your car truly environmentally-friendly?"

He chooses Volkswagen's TDI technology, as found in the Touran TDI. He understands that TDI is unlike any other diesel technology that people may be familiar with - it offers strong pulling power from low speeds and is amazingly smooth and refined. It also delivers class- leading fuel economy and extremely low CO2 emissions.

This means the Volkswagen kid and his family understand that a greener environment leads to the family's well-being and a longer, healthier life.

Cost of Ownership

The Volkswagen kid asks: "How often do you have to service your car?"

He chooses the Volkswagen CC. He knows that Volkswagen's many technological advances allow for servicing to be done only once every 15,000km. Compare this to some rivals, which require servicing at 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000km. This translates to less time spent in the workshop and up to 63% savings in servicing costs in the long run.

With 3 free services offered by Volkswagen and a low total cost of ownership, the Volkswagen kid and his family save money for more important things, like education.

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