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Visit VivoCity roadshow from now till 25 July. Yes, COE prices have gone up but our car prices remain unchanged! Now you can own a Volkswagen from just $89,900*.

From $89,900*
From $99,900*
From $109,900*
From $116,400*
From $146,400*

Touran TDI.
From $130,400*

From $118,900*

From $167,900*

From $149,900*
Exclusive benefits, free with every purchase!*
- 1-year road tax
- 5-year warranty
- 3-year servicing
- 5 years of 24-hour service support
- Front BlackVue in-vehicle camera
- 3M solar film
- 10% downpayment
- 10 years tenure
- Guaranteed COE
- Immediate stock available
- Plus additional perks for SAFRA members

Hurry down to our showrooms now!
Find us at:
Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra)
247 Alexandra Road, S(159934).
Tel: 6474 8288
Also find us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram!
*Terms and conditions apply. Prices and promotions valid till 25 July 2017.
Golf SV.
From $116,900*

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