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Beetle Cabriolet

Beetle Cabriolet

Design Some cars are instantly recognisable due to their independent character. The Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet is clearly one of them.


Moving with the times.

No matter where the Beetle Cabriolet goes, its striking appearance always attracts admiring glances. This is due primarily to the look of the front and rear bumpers. The combined parking, brake, turn signal and tail light with dark tinted cover is a unique feature at the rear, as is the rear spoiler. And finally a broad range of colours, with shades such as Habanero Orange Metallic or Pure White, ensure that every appearance is an impressive one.


Eye-catching fun.

The modern design of the display makes it easier for drivers of the Beetle Cabriolet to read the information in the instrument cluster and on the sporty dashboard instrumentation. And in contrast to previous models, the brighter ambient lighting serves to highlight the interior design.

Convertible roof

Your own personal sense of freedom.

Are you ready for that open-top feeling? Then simply press the button for the convertible top located in the windscreen frame of your Beetle Cabriolet. At speeds of up to 50 km/h it takes just 9.5 seconds for the convertible top to fold back and enable you to enjoy that airy, open-top feeling. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can be protected by the trendy fabric cover again in just 11 seconds.


Technology The Beetle Cabriolet is packed with sophisticated technology. Its efficient engine and ingenious safety and assistance systems redefine standards.


Musical accompaniment for out and about.

The "Composition Media" radio comes as standard on the Beetle Cabriolet. Its 6.5-inch colour touchscreen is easy to use, while a USB interface lets you play your favourite music from other external sources on the loudspeakers. The integral provision for mobile telephone with Bluetooth connection also transmits conversations to the loudspeakers, enabling you to conveniently phone when you're driving.

Fender® Sound

Sound symbiosis.

Chrome trims around the loudspeaker grille combined with distinctive Fender® logos on the mirror triangles and the subwoofer show that music is not just listened to in the Beetle Cabriolet, but properly celebrated. At the heart of the Fender® system is a 10-channel amplifier with Class A/B output stages and 400-watt output power. The rich sound comes from four treble loudspeakers and high-end fabric domes, four bass loudspeakers - two with a dual voice coil and two with a single voice coil - and a subwoofer with a dual voice coil as a closed bass speaker in the luggage compartment. You can even set the lighting to match the music with the dimmable "Ambient Lighting High" function, with white, blue and red colour options. 

Parking distance warning system

An on-board marshaller.

Tight parking space? Have you still not quite got to grips with the dimensions of the Beetle Cabriolet? That's not a problem, thanks to the optional parking distance warning system: with sensors in the front and rear bumpers, the system warns you of any obstacles, within its limits, via acoustic and visual signals. The closer you get to an obstacle, the faster it beeps, until there is a continuous tone at less than 30 cm. And simply mute the parking distance warning system if you are quite capable of parking your Beetle Cabriolet without any assistance. 


Servicing and warranty Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

All Volkswagen models come with a 3-year free service maintenance package:

  • 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • 30,000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first)
  • 45,000 km or 3 years (whichever comes first)

Vehicles purchased after 1st April 2017 come with comprehensive warranty coverage of up to 5 years or 100,000km mileage (whichever comes first). For more warranty information, please click here.

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