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The van that means business

Crafted by you and engineered by us, the Crafter 35 panel van brings together the perfect blend of utility, versatility and comfort. Packed with cutting-edge safety and assistance technologies, it’s more practical, economical, and innovative than ever before.

Let's torque business

Need the power to drive your business forward? Look no further.


The power lifter

The Crafter 35 is powered by a 2.0L TDI engine featuring 410 Nm of torque, developed specifically for commercial use. It also comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter, calibrated especially for the Crafter's specific driving characteristics, providing great response even under load.

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Powerful 2.0L TDI engine

Designed to meet the demands of commercial use and built to perform at the highest level with efficiency and reliability, even with high mileage delivery driving.

8-speed automatic gearbox with front-wheel drive system

Ensures a comfortable and efficient drive, even if you stop often for deliveries or city traffic.

Improved emission control

Innovative twin dosing reduces the NOx emissions of TDI engines.

Engineered for you

Built to take on your heavy loads, but comes with the potential to deliver much more.


Suited for all jobs

Apart from being used as a general commercial vehicle, the robust design of the Crafter 35 makes it versatile enough to be customised for your specific use.

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Mobility van

The particularly low entry height and front-wheel drive provide the optimal basis for conversion into a vehicle for persons with reduced mobility, with features such as linear lift and rear lowering providing additional support.

Emergency services vehicle

The low entry height and substantial floor space make it the ideal base vehicle for this specialist application.

Mobile breakdown assistance van

The large cargo space and high roof provides ample space for tools and equipment, giving you the flexibility of having a workshop wherever you go.

Take the load off your mind

From small bundles to large packages, this class-leading act will carry you through.


Primed for heavy lifting

Enjoy the Crafter 35's impressive loadability with the largest load compartment height in its class of up to 1,961mm and widest sliding door featuring an opening width of 1,311mm. Plus, the dimensions are ideal for transporting Euro pallets and roll containers, with floor space enough for up to four medium pallets.

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Preparation for shelving systems

Numerous holes for M6 bolts above and below the window area are spaced at 100mm intervals for ease of shelving installation.

Wooden floor*

Sturdy 8mm thick wooden floor for the load compartment provides the optimum surface for your cargo to rest on.
*(Optional accessories at extra cost. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only.)

Load-lashing rings

Two additional and adjustable load-lashing rings on the partition aid secure fastening of cargo with tensioning straps and nets.

Safety first, always

When it comes to keeping you and your precious cargo safe, you can trust this business partner.


Your safety is always our priority

For peace of mind whenever you take to the roads, the Crafter 35 comes with a multitude of state-of-the-art safety features such as Traction Control System, Crosswind Assist, and Park Distance Control, in addition to the standard ABS and ESC.

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Crosswind Assist

Applies adaptive braking intervention when the vehicle encounters a strong crosswind as part of the Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP).

Traction Control System

Prevents wheelspin on poor or unstable surfaces.

Park Distance Control

Warns you when you're getting too close to something while manoeuvring in and out of tight parking spots to prevent minor damage.


As well-connected as you

Need a workhorse that doubles up as a mobile office? The Crafter 35 has you covered.


Connect on the go

With the intelligently designed connectivity features installed in the Crafter 35, there's no reason why you can't take your office with you, even as you're constantly on the move.

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Composition Colour radio system

Fitted as standard in the Crafter 35 is a 6.5" TFT touch-screen colour display, four speakers, a USB-C port on the dashboard, Bluetooth® connection for mobile phones and a dual tuner for optimal radio reception and App-Connect.


Integrate your smartphone into your vehicle with the USB-C port and App-Connect to experience even more infotainment on the road. With Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ and MirrorLink®, you can also control selected apps via the touchscreen display, or pair two phones at the same time.


Crafted for your business

Technical specifications summary

Need a workhorse that doubles up as a mobile office? The Crafter 35 has you covered.

What's next

Ready to make the Crafter 35 yours?

Jump in the driver’s seat.

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