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Golf SV
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Golf SV

Comfort The ultimate spacious wonder. The Volkswagen Golf SV provides ample space for the whole family and plenty of luggage too. What's more, thanks to the raised seating position, you also enjoy improved visibility when driving, and can get in and out of the car more conveniently.

Space concept

The interior of the Golf SV reveals its true spaciousness. Enjoy smart solutions that offer outstanding storage space - for example, the rear seat bench can be adapted to your needs with the greatest of ease. The backrest is split 40:20:40, while the seat base can be adjusted up to 180 mm fore and aft. This is especially useful when your rear-seat passengers need more space or if you need more room in the luggage compartment. The central armrest with load-through hatch is not only an added comfort feature, but also a useful solution for when you want to transport longer objects.


The personlisation function on the Golf SV Highline is exceptionally convenient if more than one person regularly drives the Golf SV. You are able to store individual settings of different drivers via their car key - this applies to various functions such as the air conditioning, radio channels, ambient lighting, and driving profile.

Upon starting the car, the Golf SV recognises the profile tagged to the key, and a greeting message appears in the instrument cluster. Your personal settings are then applied automatically - allowing you to be on your way with the greatest of ease.

Folding tables

Convenience at a push - the seat pockets and folding tables on the backs of the front seats make the journey even more comfortable for passengers in the rear. The tray tables can also be locked at various angles, allowing passengers to find the best viewing position for their digital devices, or perhaps read a document hands free.

Storage compartments

The compact MPV is built with convenience in mind. Keep your important items within easy reach with the handy storage compartment on the upper dashboard. Between the driver and front passenger, a center armrest (adjustable in height and length) with an integrated storage compartment and two cupholders is included as standard. Particularly handy: the chilled glove compartment for all your travel supplies.

Storage compartments in the doors

The storage compartments in the doors provide space for small items to ensure that you always find everything without having to waste time searching. They are also lined with felt to reduce rattling noises and for a more upmarket feel.

Comfortable access

Get in and instantly feel at ease: wide-opening doors that can be held at any angle and an elevated seating position are some of the highlights. The 'hip point' of the seats is up to 85 mm higher than that of a normal car, making access easy for occupants of all sizes. Even people 1.9 metres tall can sit comfortably, one in front of the other. 

Design Drive beautifully. The design and interior equipment of the Golf SV will win you over with their timeless elegance.

Generous loading space


The rear bench seat lets you make the most of the ample space in the Golf SV. It can be split and slid forward and back depending on what you need more space for: your rear-seat passengers or your shopping. You can also fold the backrests down to create more loading space. Add to this the variable luggage compartment floor and you have a level floor that makes it considerably easier to load large and heavy items. So nothing will get in your way next time you head out furniture shopping.

Large panoramic sunroof

Whether closed, tilted or completely open, make the most of any weather. The Golf SV not only has space for more luggage, but for more light as well. And that's for every seat. The large panoramic sunroof on the Golf SV Highline has an electric tilting and sliding function, allowing you to bask in a vehicle interior flooded in natural light whether it's sunny or cloudy outside. And if the light starts to get too bright, the tinted glass and high-quality roller blind are there to protect you. 

A sporty exterior

The Golf SV wears its heritage on its sleeve. The front of the car has a sporty and dynamic appearance with its air inlets, headlights with LED daytime running light and slim, two-part tail lights. The roof spoiler, short wheel overhang at the front and selection of alloy wheels round out the confident look.

A relaxing interior

The interior of the Golf SV is designed to impress you every day with its high-quality appearance and premium design. The plush leather upholstery gives the generously sized interior of the Golf SV an upmarket feel. Plus, it's comfortable, practical and durable too. The leather is perfectly matched to the decorative inserts on the dashboard and door panels.

Assistance systems Feel relaxed, thanks to technology that thinks with you. Intelligent driver assistance systems in the Golf SV provide added driving comfort, at the same time helping you to tackle or even avoid critical situations within system limits.

Blind Spot Sensor with Rear Traffic Alert

If a car is approaching you from the rear and cannot be seen in your exterior or rear-view mirror, it is in the dreaded blind spot. A trusty glance over the shoulder helps before changing lanes - and now, so too does the Blind Spot Sensor on the Golf SV Highline. Above speeds of 15 km/h, the sensor warns you of hidden traffic by illuminating an LED display in the exterior mirror of your Golf SV. If you still switch on your turn signal, the lights begin to flash brighter and more quickly and draw your attention to the vehicle in your blind spot.

Rear Traffic Alert assists you when reversing out of a parking space. Sensors in the rear bumper monitor traffic passing at the rear of the vehicle. If another car, a cyclist or a pedestrian is approaching you from the side, you will be warned by means of an acoustic signal and an indication on the infotainment system display. If you do not react in time, the system can mitigate or even prevent an imminent collision by effecting a braking intervention within system limits.

Infotainment Extend your ‘comfort zone’ from your sofa into your Golf SV. Thanks to innovative Infotainment systems, you can now enjoy outstanding entertainment, just how you love it, and will also be perfectly connected to discover new hidden corners.

Radio and navigation systems

The "Composition Media" radio, available on the Golf SV Comfortline, features eight loudspeakers. It has a CD drive plus a USB port and a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones. In addition, an attractive 8-inch colour touchscreen makes it especially convenient to operate. 

For those who want even more, the "Discover Pro" navigation system is standard on the Golf SV Highline. It offers innovative gesture control and voice control. The 9.2-inch screen is also capable of displaying a clear 3D map. The Discover Pro system features eight loudspeakers, FM radio, a CD drive that can also play music in MP3, AAC and WMA formats, two SD card slots, AUX-IN socket and USB port and a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones.

Both systems are equipped with a diversity aerial, which ensures good reception even in difficult conditions.

App-Connect smartphone connectivity

Expand your cockpit: with App-Connect, you can use many of your own personal smartphone apps easily, safely and conveniently via your infotainment system touchscreen in the central console. Depending on your smartphone model, you can connect it to the infotainment system with Apple CarPlay™ or Google's Android Auto™. App-Connect is available on both versions of the Golf SV.

Efficiency The Golf SV is designed to give you a sporty driving style whilst reducing fuel consumption.

1.4 TSI engine

Powerful yet amazingly efficient, the 1.4 TSI engine with 125 PS produces an impressive 200 Nm of torque from just 1,400 rpm. This translates to effortless acceleration in all driving situations, even with a fully loaded car. Paired with a smooth 7-speed DSG, the engine consumes only 5.5 litres of fuel per 100 km and emits just 125 g/km of CO2.

Driving profile selection

Driving the Golf SV allows you to enjoy verve and economy rolled into one. But do you sometimes wish your car were a little bit sportier still? Or perhaps you'd like to save even more fuel? With the driving profile selection, you can decide how you want your compact MPV to drive at the touch of a button - the powertrain and steering are adjusted automatically.  

For example, the ECO driving profile helps drivers to be environmentally conscious and save fuel whilst driving. To achieve this, it adapts the engine performance and activates the start/stop system if it is not already active, as well as other features. The driving profile also regulates the air conditioning and thermal management systems to optimise fuel and energy consumption. The mode also activates energy-saving coasting as often as possible. 

On the other hand, you want to drive in an especially sporty style or take on the challenges of a winding road, the SPORT profile is the perfect choice. INDIVIDUAL mode is especially flexible: this profile allows you to combine the individual adjustments as you wish and even save your preferred settings for the heater, air conditioning system and headlights. 


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USB-A to Micro-USB
USB-A to Apple Lightning
Tail silencer trims
Pedal caps
Boot tray
Loading sill protector
All-weather mat
Door draught deflector

Connecting wires USB-A to USB-C

The Premium USB Cable (USB-A to USB-C) has been specially developed for connecting smartphones or other mobile devices to your Volkswagen's infotainment system. The cable, with textile surround, measures 30cm in length - long enough for you to stow your device in a nearby storage compartment. Besides charging your device, it will also give you convenient access to functions such as Google's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in App-Connect.

Connecting wires USB-A to Micro-USB

The Premium USB Cable (USB-A to Micro-USB) has been specially developed for connecting smartphones or other mobile devices to your Volkswagen's infotainment system. The cable, with textile surround, measures 30cm in length; it is also long enough for you to stow your device in a nearby storage compartment. Besides charging your device, it will also give you convenient access to functions such as Google's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in App-Connect.

Connecting wires USB-A to Apple Lightning

The Premium USB Cable (USB-A to Apple Lightning) has been specially developed for connecting smartphones or other mobile devices to your Volkswagen's infotainment system. The cable, with textile surround, measures 30cm in length; it is also long enough for you to stow your device in a nearby storage compartment. Besides charging your device, it will also give you convenient access to functions such as Google's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in App-Connect.


For retroactive activation of the AppConnect function, which bundles MirrorLink, CarPlay (Apple) and Android Auto (Google). The MirrorLink function mirrors the mobile phone's screen on the display of the radio system or radio-navigation system. Volkswagen apps such as "Think Blue. Trainer.", "Shared Audio", "Drive & Track" and "My Guide" can also be used in the vehicle while driving.

Tail silencer trims

Tail silencer trims in stainless steel chrome can be easily assembled using a clip-on mechanism that clamps with hooks inside the pipe (no screws required). Perfectly centered on the tailpipe. 2-piece set.

Pedal caps

The non-slip pedal caps are made from high-quality, brushed stainless steel with an anti-slip coating and give the footwell a sporty appearance.


Boot tray

The practical and robust Volkswagen Genuine boot tray protects the luggage compartment from dirt and prevents your loads from slipping during the drive. It is washable, non-slip, and fits the boot of your Golf SV perfectly. The raised rim prevents liquids from running out onto the vehicle floor.

Loading sill protector

Perfect protection with an elegant look - complete with a brushed stainless steel finish, the loading sill protector shields your bumper against scratches when loading and unloading the luggage compartment, while enhancing your vehicle's appearance. Made to fit your bumper perfectly, the loading sill protector attaches quickly and easily.

All-weather mat

Volkswagen Genuine all-weather mats protect the interior of your vehicle against dirt and moisture. Designed to fit perfectly, they are easy to clean and have a non-slip underside. They are 100% recyclable, sturdy, and extremely durable. Each set contains two mats for the rear footwells.

Door draught deflector

Draught deflectors for the front and side vehicle doors allow for optimal ventilation of the vehicle interior, to improve driving comfort. Enjoy fresher air with better circulation, and prevent unpleasant heat build-up in the interior of your vehicle. Built to fit your door perfectly and easily, it is also UV-resistant, car wash-proof and easy to clean.

Servicing and warranty Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

All Volkswagen models come with a 3-year warranty package:

  • 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • 30,000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first)
  • 45,000 km or 3 years (whichever comes first)


Vehicles purchased after 1st April 2017 come with comprehensive warranty coverage of up to 5 years or 100,000km mileage (whichever comes first). For more warranty information, please click here.

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