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Volkswagen coupes in Singapore. The perfect blend of style and substance.

Practicality and style need not be mutually exclusive. Look no further than the iconic Beetle and the elegant Arteon. While offering plenty in the style department, both cars are equipped with powerful and fuel efficient engines too.


It's not every day that a car blurs the lines between sedan and coupe. With the Arteon, Volkswagen combines space and comfort with sharp design and performance. The result? A gran turismo like no other. 

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Beetle Cabriolet

With its distinctive silhouette, there is no question that the Beetle Cabriolet is more than just a car. In its latest iteration, the Beetle Cabriolet sports 18-inch wheels and redesigned front and rear bumpers. Under the hood sits a 1.2 TSI engine which offers 105 PS of power with 175 Nm of torque, allowing the car to reach a top speed of 178 km/h. And without a doubt, this convertible promises the same great things it has always been known for: quality, comfort, and an iconic look that turns heads anywhere it goes.

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It would be inaccurate to call the Beetle a legend reborn because really, it never left. The 21st century Beetle has a silhouette that hints at its predecessors, but is now more sleek and coupe-like in its stance. Bi-xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights set it apart on the road, and it features a punchy, yet fuel-efficient turbocharged TSI engine, mated to a smooth dual-clutch gearbox.

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Beetle Dune

The one who comes off as masculine, thanks to an off-road chassis and widened driving lanes, can turn out to be a bit more extroverted.

On the rear end, the spoiler painted in the same colour as the vehicle gives off not only a sporty look but it is also an ideal road holding. Alongside with that, the striking bumpers with add-on parts and the silver diffuser finished with glossy lacquer coating blend in perfectly in the dynamic overall look. The new LED-Backlights and the LED-License plate light are adding to the "be seen"-effect. The Beetle Dune is gaining an extra amount of self-esteem from its side skirts with a silver glossy lacquer. 

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