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The Golf SV. It’s premium and economy in one compact package.

The new Golf SV, also known as the Golf Sportsvan, is the ultimate spacious wonder. It provides ample room for the whole family - and all of their bags too. More space means room for creature comforts like a panoramic sunroof, folding tables, plenty of smart storage solutions, and more. The Golf SV also has improved safety features with the latest generation of the proactive occupant protection system, as well as a blind spot warning system. This compact MPV comes with a fuel-efficient 125 PS TSI engine with front-wheel drive.


The Golf SV wears its heritage on its sleeve. Sporty and aerodynamic, the Golf SV comes equipped with a large panoramic sunroof so you can enjoy the golden hour from the comfort of your car. The roof spoiler, short wheel overhang at the front, and eye-catching alloy wheels showcase the Golf SV's personality and confidence.


Comfort and space go hand-in-hand with the Golf SV, with storage compartments throughout the car and folding tables for passengers in the rear. The Golf SV's personalisation function allows you to store the individual settings of different drivers via their car key - these range from the air conditioning settings, radio channels, ambient lighting, and driving profile.

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