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Stop-and-go during morning and evening rush hour, utilising brake when you need them the most in an emergency situation. Volkswagen Genuine Brakes are safety parts of your car you can rely on.

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Discs and Brake Pads

Tailored to your Volkswagen and your expectations in terms of safety

Your benefits

Thanks to shorter braking distances.

Supplies precisely the quantity of energy that your Volkswagen needs.

More endurance
Thanks to higher-than-average lead content and high-quality materials.

Volkswagen Genuine Brakes enable you to stop safely. In cold weather and on a long downward slope. With an empty boot or heavily laden and with the entire family on board. Reason: Volkswagen Genuine Brakes mesh optimally with your braking system. They are designed precisely for your Volkswagen's top speed and its weight. For quality that goes beyond the statutory ECE-R90* brake standard.

*Replacement brake pads for motor vehicles and trailers

Why do my brake pads and discs need to be changed?

When you brake, the brake discs that rotate with the wheels are gripped by brake pads, slowing the car down. Both discs and pads can become worn and corroded, so it's vital they are checked regularly for your safety.

What happens if they are not changed?

If your brakes aren't maintained regularly you won't be able to brake as efficiently. As well as reduced stopping power, worn or corroded brake parts can make your car vibrate and become really noisy.

What do we do?

We remove the wheels to visually check all the brake parts. We also measure the brake pad wear level. If the pads or discs are worn, corroded or warped we will let you know so we can arrange to replace them.

Full power for your safety

To ensure that you stop safely, your brakes must give their all, withstanding enormous pressure and extreme temperatures.

Control lights

Handbrake applied, brake fluid level too low or brake system faulty

If the hand brake is applied, release it. In the other cases, drive immediately to Volkswagen service centre to have the defect rectified.


  • Drive slowly.
  • Adjust to longer braking distances.
  • Pedal pressure may be higher.
Release handbrake

Lift lever right up. Press locking button. Pull lever down.

Is illuminated: Brake pedal not depressed

To engage a gear, depress the brake pedal.

Flashes: The locking button in the selector lever has not clicked into place.

Starting will be prevented. To engage a gear, depress the brake pedal and click the selector lever lock into place.

Brake pedal not depressed

Fully depress the brake pedal.

Brake pads worn

Head off to your Volkswagen service centre to have all brake pads checked and replaced, where necessary.

Brake fluid change

Benefits of having my brake fluid changed

Peace of mind knowing you'll be able to stop effectively.

Prevents contamination that could lead to a more expensive repair.

An authorized Volkswagen stamp in your service book.

Why does my brake fluid need to be changed?

Brake fluid must withstand operating temperatures of up to 230°C but over time absorbs water which boils at 100°C. As the water boils, it turns to compressible vapour which means you won't be able to brake as efficiently.

What happens if it's not changed?

If too much moisture builds up, the brake fluid can boil while you're braking, seriously affecting performance. It can cause the brakes to fail. A spongy feel to the brake pedal shows you this has started to happen.

What do we do?

We check the level and look for leaks. We drain the system and fill it with new brake fluid. We test the system and record it in your service book.

How often do they need to be changed?

Every 3 years or 45,000km (whichever comes first)

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

A standard of its own for your safety

More safety in extreme cold and under heavy strain, more time until the next service. Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid has been developed in conjunction with your brake system and is far more than just standard - to be more precise, it sets its own standard: VW Standard 501 14.

Vehicle Safety Check

Safety with a certificate and in next to no time

We check your Volkswagen from the engine through to the brakes - in the Dialogue Reception as well. Result: Good value retention. A quality certificate. And, of course, the good feeling that comes from being safer on the road.

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