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LTA pre-check

Why does my car need an LTA pre-check?

All vehicles driven on Singapore roads are required by law to undergo a roadworthiness inspection process if the vehicle is more than 3 years old. The LTA pre-check service is a great way of ensuring peace of mind, by letting you know that your vehicle has been checked by a factory-certified technician prior to the roadworthiness inspection, thus also reducing the likelihood of a re-inspection.

What we do?

We will do a detailed pre-check on your behalf before sending your vehicle for inspection, and if your vehicle needs any further rectification work to pass the inspection, we will seek your approval before proceeding.

Benefits of performing the LTA pre-check:

It is a hassle-free, one-stop inspection service.
Peace of mind knowing that your car is in good condition for the roadworthiness inspection.
Pre-check is free with any scheduled servicing (including free servicing at Volkswagen Centre Singapore).

Pre-Travel Inspection

Why does my car need a Pre-Travel Inspection?

Pre-Travel Inspection verifies if your vehicle is in good condition for travelling, thus also reducing the risk of any possible adverse events and/or break-downs.

What do we do?

Our professional technician will perform a thorough check, including an on-board diagnostic test by the Volkswagen diagnostic tester to ensure that your car is in good condition for travel

Benefits of performing the Pre-Travel Inspection:
Peace of mind knowing that your car is in good condition for travel.
Pre-Travel Inspection is free with any scheduled servicing (including free servicing) at Volkswagen Centre Singapore.

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