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Volkswagen Tyre Shield

At Volkswagen, having you drive safely is our priority. That is why we introduced Volkswagen Tyre Shield to offer you extra protection when investing in new tyres for your car. You can now enjoy a safer driving experience with added peace of mind that your tyres are being protected the way they should be.

What is it about?

Volkswagen Tyre Shield is a value-added insurance plan for new tyres. The plan provides protection for your tyres against damages that result in air leak and offers an attractive price rebate of up to 100% should there be a need for you to subsequently replace your tyres.

How do I qualify?

Simply buy 4 new tyres* in a single purchase at any Volkswagen Centre Singapore, and these tyres will be insured under the Volkswagen Tyre Shield at no additional cost.

What are the benefits?

Volkswagen Tyre Shield allows you to enjoy these benefits for your new tyres:

1. Value-added tyre insurance at no additional cost.
2. Peace of mind protection for up to 24 months or 40,000 km mileage, whichever comes first.
3. Coverage from any form of tyre damage that results in an air leak.
4. Attractive price rebates of up to 100%.

How can I make a claim?

For your convenience, a certificate will be presented to you upon your new tyre purchase. To make a claim, simply present the certificate, your invoice as proof-of-purchase together with the damaged tyre at any Volkswagen Centre Singapore. We will replace it with a new tyre based on the corresponding rebate amount.

How much rebates can I claim?

The rebate amount is determined by the mileage of your car or duration of usage from the date of tyre purchase, whichever comes first.

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