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The shape of success The Passat


A masterpiece of sophistication, everything about the Passat is designed to make your busy life easier. Along with its modern and elegant design, the Passat also comes equipped with innovative features for the smoothest journeys.

The Passat has many highlights.
Here are three at a glance:


Style meets functionality


Other exterior highlights

ergoComfort seat

Ergonomic support that's gentle on your back


Other interior highlights

Active Info Display

Everything you need within easy view


Other infotainment highlights


The new Passat's fresh contours create an expressive and self-assured look. 


Self-assured presence

The Passat's fresh contours create an expressive and confident look, with a broad and powerful front. The long, lowered bonnet, the short overhangs and the long wheelbase lend it stylish elegance. Agility and dynamic poise are convincingly revealed in the large wheels, the striking side line and the pronounced shoulder.

LED lights

See in the best light

The outstanding LED headlights lend a dynamic light signature, with a spectrum similar to daylight and lower energy consumption. The innovative night-time design of the contemporary rear lights with LED technology changes when braking, for a distinct feature unique to the Passat.

Panoramic sunroof

Enjoy the views

Slide open the panoramic sunroof to get some fresh air in the cabin, or leave it closed and enjoy the extra light that streams in. A sliding sunshade keeps the interior of the Passat cool, even on the hottest days.


The new Passat's comfortable, high quality interior creates a pleasant feeling of space, and can be easily adapted to transport large items.

ergoComfort seat

Sit more comfortably

The Passat comes with comfortable, back-friendly seats - thanks to the ergoComfort design. A vast array of adjustment options allow you to adopt an ergonomically supported seating position and take the strain off your back. A memory and massage function for the driver ensures you get the perfect comfort, every time.

Nappa Leather Upholstery & Trim

Refined for the senses

The luxurious stylish 'Nappa' leather upholstery and trim attests to refined taste. High-quality materials are prevalent in the Passat, evident in the ultra-fine grain finish that adorns the interior surfaces.


Refined yet practical

Experience a pleasant atmosphere when you step into the Passat, thanks to its modern architecture and a sense of spaciousness. The high-quality materials and the design clarity will excite you just as much as the generous legroom, which is especially striking in the rear. 

Air Care Climatronic

Intelligent climate control

Keep the temperature just right with three independently controlled temperature zones for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. An active biogenic filter keeps allergens away, and an automatic air recirculation mode improves air quality in the car. 

Interior ambient lighting

Light up the mood

The ambient lighting system gives the cabin a unique feel at night. It noticeably upgrades the interior and makes it easier to find your way around in the dark. The ambient light extends below the air vent and the trim strip and flows into the strips on the door trims, and is enhanced with LED entry and warning lights in all the doors.

Keyless entry

No more searching for the key

Simply carry your car key in your pocket and the KESSY keyless system will detect the key from approximately 1.5 metres away. Unlock the doors and rear lid as soon as you slide your hand into the handle of one of the front doors. Once you're inside, simply press the start button and drive away.

See the Passat for yourself


With the Passat's sophisticated infotainment systems, every drive is filled with enjoyable experiences.

Active Info Display

Everything at your fingertips

The new high-resolution digital display provides all the key information you need while you're driving, with configurable instrument styles.

Discover Pro with gesture control

Put control in your hands

The Discover Pro navigation system offers innovative gesture control across a 9.2-inch touch screen. This allows you to change from one radio station to another or change the system settings in your car, such as the intensity of the interior lighting, with a single hand swipe.


Connect seamlessly

Simply connect your Apple or Android smartphone to the Composition Media system via USB to put selected apps at your fingertips, allowing you to listen to your favorite music, use your phone or check the latest news and journey information. It's that simple to stay connected on every trip.

Voice Control

Just say the word

The voice control system lets you choose your favourite music and plan your route while keeping your eyes on the road. Entering data using the 'one-shot destination' function is child's play - simply state the address of your destination or the name from a connected telephone.

Dynaudio confidence

Surrounded by high-end sound

Experience a consummate listening experience with Dynaudio, the premier Danish manufacturer of high-end speakers. The Dynaudio Confidence sound system is precisely tuned to the interior, with 11 speakers including a centre speaker and subwoofer delivering an extraordinary listening experience. It produces its highly distinctive sound thanks to its 700W of power and the 16-channel digital amplifier.

Assistance systems

The Passat features intelligent safety systems to help you deal with critical situations well or even avoid them. 

6 Airbags

All-around Protection

An advanced airbag system ensures that all occupants are well-protected during an impact. The Passat has 6 airbags, including side impact airbags for the front seats and curtain airbags that protect both front and rear passengers. The front passenger's airbag deactivation switch is also included should it be required.

Parking sensors & camera

Keeps an eye on your safety

The Parking Distance Warning System makes parking a lot safer with sensors in the front and rear that sound audible signals to warn you of an imminent collision. With the Rear View Camera, you can see what's behind you on the dashboard Infotainment screen, with overlay guidelines to help you easily judge your distance from obstacles.

Rest Assist Fatigue Detection System

Senses when you need a break

The system monitors driver behaviour closely - noting any erratic steering wheel movements and lane deviations, signs of fatigue or sleepiness - so it can judge the moment that you are starting to feel sleepy and need to stop. It will alert you with a visual display on the dashboard and a warning sound.

Multi-collision brake

Prevent follow-on collisions intelligently

The standard multi-collision brake can limit the damage with a rear-end collision. In many cases there is actually a second collision following the initial accident. The system can detect an accident and respond faster than the driver could, initiating braking to prevent further collisions. The driver can intervene and regain control of the car at any time.


With modern engine technology and advanced features, the Passat is made for sophisticated drivers who delight in the latest innovations.

Turbocharged TSI engine

Efficient and powerful

The TSI petrol engines are designed for high levels of power, with low fuel consumption, and are bound to excite you. They deliver maximum torque even at low engine speeds, and an even transmission of power for a balanced, smoother ride.

Driving profile selection

Drive your way

With the driving profile selection, you can decide how you want your Passat to drive at the touch of a button. Choose from:

ECO: Save fuel whilst driving

SPORT: Take on the challenges of a winding road

INDIVIDUAL: Combine individual adjustments and save preferred settings such as air-con and headlights

Start-stop System and Regenerative Braking

Put the brakes on costs

The start/stop system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, with the engine running only when it is really needed. Regenerative braking helps to recover energy that would otherwise be lost in driving in as efficient a way as possible. This reduces engine load and improves fuel economy, a great choice for cities.

Servicing and warranty

Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

Here at Volkswagen, you can be assured of our service quality.

For every service appointment, receive a confirmation date within 2 working days*, or enjoy a complimentary vehicle pick-up and delivery service. Our Aftersales package comes with a comprehensive warranty to cover you against defects and repairs and it includes:

  • 5-year warranty
  • 3-year servicing
  • 5-year 24-hr Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

*Conditions apply.

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