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The Polo & Polo Beats

For life’s adventurers

For life’s adventurers

The Polo & Polo Beats

For life’s adventurers

Whatever lies ahead, the Polo has got you covered. With advanced safety features and an eye-catching design, the charismatic Polo helps you navigate the modern city with ease.

The Polo has many highlights.
Here are three at a glance:

Beats Audio™ sound system

Phenomenal sound wherever you are sitting


Other infotainment highlights

Turbocharged TSI engine

Compact but powerful engine packs an impressive punch


Other technology highlights

Active Info Display

Everything you need within easy view


Other interior highlights


With its clear style and elegant lines, the Polo is eye-catching from any angle.


A perfect balance of design and function

The latest generation Polo has undergone a sporty makeover that boasts clean dynamic lines, with a longer wheelbase for more room inside. Volkswagen's signature "Tornado line" creates a clear contour that curves around the rear, distinctively accentuated by newly styled tail lights.

LED lights

Shine brightly

Light up the road with LED headlights and daytime running lights that generate illumination similar to daylight. They improve visibility for you in adverse weather - and even better, they're energy saving.

Panoramic sunroof

Enjoy the views

A particularly eye-catching feature is the sliding/tilting panoramic sunroof. A full pane of glass extends over the entire width of the roof, and its large opening lets you enjoy the rush of fresh air in the cabin. On exceptionally sunny days, the tinted glass and a high-quality blind protect you and ensure pleasant temperatures inside your Polo.


As impressive on the inside as it is on the outside, the Polo combines premium design and materials to deliver exceptional comfort.

Active Info Display

Everything at your fingertips

The new high-resolution digital display provides all the key information you need while you're driving, with configurable instrument styles.


Delight in the details

Cozy up in the plush interior of the Polo, with new decorative trims featuring the famous Beats 'b' emblazoned on the speakers, rear seat backrest and door sill protectors. The front sports seats are finished in stylish 'Tracks 2' fabric with twin contrasting red stripes, providing exceptional comfort and support. 'Velvet Red' inserts in the centre console and air vent surrounds also add a vibrant look on the inside.

Two-zone air-conditioning

The right temperature, everytime

Too hot, too cold or somewhere in between? With the 2-zone 'Climatronic' air conditioning system in your Polo, everyone can ride in perfect comfort. An allergen filter helps keep out  particulate matter from the outside, so you enjoy better air quality inside.

Keyless entry

No more searching for the key

Simply carry your car key in your pocket and the KESSY keyless system will detect the key from approximately 1.5 metres away. Unlock the doors and rear lid as soon as you slide your hand into the handle of one of the front doors. Once you're inside, simply press the start button and drive away.

See the Polo for yourself


With the new Polo's sophisticated infotainment systems, every drive is filled with enjoyable experiences.

Beats Audio™ sound system

Precisely harmonised

The exceptional Beats Audio™ sound system features a powerful eight channel amplifier, digital sound processor, and six speakers with a 300 watt output. The integrated subwoofer ensures the right level of bass for maximum enjoyment on every drive.

Composition media system

Looks as good as it sounds

With a gorgeous 8-inch touchscreen display, the Composition Media system is a delight to use - simply touch the screen, just like your phone. Featuring an SD card slot and playback for MP3 and WMA files, the system includes Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port.


Connect seamlessly

Simply connect your Apple or Android smartphone to the Composition Media system via USB to put selected apps at your fingertips, allowing you to listen to your favourite music, use your phone or check the latest news and journey information. It's that simple to stay connected on every trip.

Assistance systems

The Polo features intelligent safety systems to help you deal with critical situations well or even avoid them.

Park Assist

Anyone can park

With Park Assist on board, you can leave the parking to your Polo. It helps you move in and out of tight parallel parking spaces with ease, and can also handle parking in perpendicular spaces in multiple manoeuvres.

Parking sensors & camera

Keeps an eye on your safety

The Parking Distance Warning System makes parking a lot safer with sensors in the front and rear that sound audible signals to warn you of an imminent collision. With the Rear View Camera, you can see what's behind you on the dashboard Infotainment screen, with overlay guidelines to help you easily judge your distance from obstacles.

Cruise control

Making life a little easier

Driving on the expressway can now be safer and more comfortable with Cruise Control. At the touch of a button, the innovative system automatically maintains your speed regardless of the gradient of the road. For a safer drive, simply set your maximum speed with the ingenious built-in speed limiter.

6 airbags

All-around Protection

An advanced airbag system ensures that all occupants are well-protected during an impact. The Polo has 6 airbags, including side impact airbags for the front seats and curtain airbags that protect both front and rear passengers. The front passenger's airbag deactivation switch is also included should it be required.


Built for those who love driving, the economy, high torque and power of the Polo helps keep your fuel consumption down.

Turbocharged TSI engine

Impressively Efficient

The 3-cylinder TSI engine in the Polo effortlessly blends high performance with superb fuel efficiency. With 200 Nm of torque available, it delivers strong acceleration in all driving situations.

Start-stop system and regenerative braking

Put the brakes on costs

The start/stop system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, with the engine running only when it is really needed. Regenerative braking helps to recover energy that would otherwise be lost in driving in as efficient a way as possible. This reduces engine load and improves fuel economy, a great choice for cities.

Servicing and warranty

Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

Here at Volkswagen, you can be assured of our service quality.

For every service appointment, receive a confirmation date within 2 working days*. Our Aftersales package comes with a comprehensive warranty to cover you against defects and repairs and it includes:

  • 5-year warranty
  • 3-year servicing
  • 5-year 24-hr Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

*Conditions apply.


Hear from the professionals.

Fun size, fun drive

“The sixth generation Volkswagen Polo is a complete compact hatchback that’s big in attitude.”
- sgCarMart


The Polo is a big deal

Enjoy compact charisma with a big offer. Save up to $49,000 and an additional $5,000 off when you book the Polo today.

Ready to make the Polo/Polo Beats yours?

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