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Design & Equipment The Volkswagen Polo: with its clear style and elegant lines, it strikes the perfect balance between design and function with its contemporary features.


The Polo has an unmistakeable and sporty appearance. With its long bonnet, the front has a broad and dynamic appearance thanks to its horizontal lines. The Polo's sporty appearance, compact dimensions, and short overhangs promise maximum driving enjoyment with an optimised body structure.


The Polo features new decorative trims in the interior, as well as seats with manually-adjustable lumbar support on the Polo Comfortline. This sixth-generation hatchback has also grown larger - this means more headroom and legroom for everyone on board.

LED headlights and daytime running lights

Delight in this phenomenon: the Polo features new LED headlights and daytime running lights as standard. The unique design of the daytime running lights give the Polo a truly distinctive look.

Infotainment Whether you need to make a call while driving, require information on the go, or simply want to listen to your own music – your Polo offers various options for using modern technology in a convenient and uncomplicated way.

'Composition Media' infotainment system

Keen to have a big display, a CD player with MP3 and WMA playback, and six loudspeakers? Then the "Composition Media" is the right system for you. With an 8-inch touchscreen with a glass display, the system includes a USB port as well as Bluetooth connectivity for several mobile phones.

The App-Connect function with Google's Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ makes it possible for you to easily connect your Apple and Android smartphone to the "Composition Media" system. In this way, you can use selected apps from your mobile telephone on the touchscreen. Simplified operation is not the only benefit - a range of applications can process information made available by the vehicle in order to provide you with additional useful and entertaining functions.

Assistance systems The intelligent safety systems in your Polo deliver enhanced driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations well or even avoid them. Even if you don’t always notice this technology, it feels good to know that it’s there.


A unique feature of the Polo is the curtain airbag system which protects passengers from side collisions. The airbags unfold from the headlining to cover the entire side window areas at the front and rear, as well as the B-pillar. They therefore not only protect the head of the driver and front passenger, but also the heads of the passengers on the outer seats of the rear seat bench as well.

Cruise control

With the innovative and practical cruise control system, driving in the Polo is made easier and more comfortable. Simply activate the system when you've reached your desired speed and the speed will be automatically maintained regardless of the gradient of the road. The built-in speed limiter is as simple as it is ingenious: all you have to do is set your maximum speed and the system limits the supply of fuel to the engine accordingly.


Driving into a parking space can become a real test of patience. With the Polo, the parking distance warning system makes the process a lot easier. Sensors in the front and rear help to simplify the parking process by sounding audible signals to warn you of obstacles.

A novel component of the parking distance warning system is manoeuvre braking. When reversing at up to 10 km/h, the system can initiate emergency braking within system limits to avoid a collision or mitigate its severity. And when driving forward, you can activate manoeuvre braking at the press of a button. Your vehicle brakes automatically should there be an obstacle in front of the vehicle and should you not react to the audible warnings emitted by the parking distance warning system.

Comfort You’ll be amazed how comfortable driving is in your Polo. On longer journeys, you can sit comfortably and look after your back, thanks to the car's all-round comfort.

Seating comfort

Whether you do long journeys or short trips - you'll always be sitting comfortably in your Polo. The ergonomically designed seats with manual lumbar support on the Polo Comfortline will look after your back during the journey, and are so comfortable that you'll almost forget you're sitting in a car.

'Climatronic' two-zone air-conditioning

Too hot, too cold or somewhere in between? It can be quite difficult to find the right temperature for everyone. With the 2-zone 'Climatronic' air conditioning system in your Polo, these arguments are a thing of the past.

Keyless entry

No more searching for the key - just leave it in your pocket. You simply need to carry your car key on you with the KESSY keyless locking and starting system. The system is able to detect the key from a distance of approximately 1.5 metres. Alternatively, the doors and rear lid are unlocked as soon as you slide your hand into the handle of one of the front doors. Once you're inside the car, simply press the start button for the engine and you can drive away.

Technology The modern engine technology in your Polo is characterised by its economy, high torque and power. Just the right thing if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

Turbocharged TSI engine

The 1.0 TSI petrol engine features impressive performance and efficiency. You benefit from maximum torque even at low engine speeds. The combination of low displacement with a turbocharger and direct fuel injection creates a very even transmission of power in these powertrains. Downsizing technology is used to achieve this, allowing the engines to produce high performance despite relatively low displacement, and for you to enjoy low running costs.

Stop/start with energy recovery

The start/stop system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, with the engine running only when it is really needed. The engine switches off as soon as you take your foot off the pedal, and starts again when you depress the clutch. From then, the brake energy recuperation becomes active. The energy released when braking or driving in overrun mode is converted into electrical energy by the alternator using recuperation. This energy is stored in the battery. Start/stop system and energy recovery: two examples of technologies that save you energy, fuel and money.

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