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Aftersales promotions

We want you back!

Now is the time to come back to Volkswagen Aftersales. If your Volkswagen was registered before 31 December 2015 and/or has a mileage of 45,000 km or more, incredible Aftersales rewards await you at Volkswagen Centre Singapore.

Golf LED tail lights package

Attention Golf owners: you can now install the same seamless LED dynamic tail lights, as seen on the Golf GTI. They are brighter, flashier, yet energy-efficient. Better still, why not add an LED license plate light at the same time, and enjoy our package deal?

2-in-1 Paint Revitalise package

Deep scratches, chips or dents spoiling the paintwork of your Volkswagen? Here's your solution - a 2-in-1 package that both repairs your panels/bumper as well as revitalises your car's exterior a Diamondbrite sealant.

Value-added services & products

We offer a wide range of services and products that can bring out the best of your Volkswagen. From air-con to engine maintenance, ensuring that your car's paintwork stays in prime condition or even caring for your undercarriage, these packages are readily available!

10% off Volkswagen child seats.

Embrace a new standard in protection and comfort with Volkswagen child seats, for children from 0 - 12 years of age. With an ISOFIX fastening system, adjustable seats and an easily removable fabric covering, every journey will be a joy for the entire family.

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