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Servicing and maintenance videos

Minor & Major Servicing

What actually happens during your Volkswagen servicing appointment? Learn about the services we offer and the areas we cover in order to keep your car in the best condition possible.


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Air-conditioning Service

Ever wondered why the air-conditioning system in your Volkswagen is able to smell crisp and fresh for long periods of time? Your Volkswagen technician drains and recharges the air-conditioning system, removes old refrigerant gas, then performs the necessary checks in every single compartment of your air conditioner. Watch how it happens.

Dialogue Reception

Ever wanted to know more about your car but never had the time? Watch how a session at the Volkswagen dialogue reception can assist you in as quick as 15 minutes. Minor changes can be done on the spot, fuss-free.


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Change of Brake Fluid

When your brake fluid has too much built-up moisture, the brake fluid can boil while you're braking. This affects performance and can potentially cause the brakes to fail. 

Let us take you through the steps of brake fluid change - because here at Volkswagen, your safety is our utmost priority.



Cambelt Replacement

The cambelt is one of the hardest working parts in your engine as it drives major parts of the engine to keep everything synchronised. 

Changing it can prevent cracks and tears, minimising the risk of major engine damage. Watch this video to see why the cambelt is essential in ensuring your Volkswagen runs smoothly and effectively.

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Pothole Damage

Potholes can potentially cause severe damage to your car. Watch how Volkswagen reduces this inconvenience for you, ensuring your safety at all times.