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Servicing and maintenance

Why service?

Having your car serviced regularly will ensure it stays in peak condition, making sure you get optimum performance and endurance from all components.


All Volkswagen models come with a 5-year warranty package, as well as 3 years free service maintenance:

  • 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • 30,000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first)
  • 45,000 km or 3 years (whichever comes first)

Servicing of the vehicle must be done at Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra) or Volkswagen Centre Singapore (MacPherson). Please note that wear and tear items are not included in this programme. 

For more information regarding warranty coverage, click here.


Maintenance services

Contact us to find out more! 

Phone: +65 6305 7299

Dialogue Reception

Be it a specific diagnosis or a fast check-up, the Dialogue Reception is the place to go for a quick 15-minute analysis of your car, for free!

The Dialogue Reception caters to customers who are on a tight schedule, and need a technician to take a quick look at their cars. If the job is as simple as fixing a blown bulb or changing the car battery, it can be carried out on the spot. Having your Volkswagen checked at the Dialogue Reception also allows our technicians to scrutinize your car and prevent minor issues from escalating into bigger problems.

Customers just need to pay for the parts that are not covered under warranty and the Dialogue Reception team of technicians will start work on your Volkswagen immediately.

Conveniently located on the ground floor of every Volkswagen Centre Singapore, the Dialogue Reception is opened from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Mondays to Fridays, and from 8:30am to 12:30pm on Saturdays, it is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Find out more about the Dialogue Reception here.

Contact us to find out more! 

Phone: +65 6305 7299

Volkswagen Oil Service

A short stop for a long engine life.

Your benefits
  • In manufacturer quality and according to Volkswagen specifications.
    Thanks to specially trained Volkswagen staff, Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil, filter and seals.
  • Thorough.
    Including oil filter and seal replacement.


Our services

Prolong the life of your engine with our Volkswagen Oil Service. We will exchange your used oil for fresh Genuine Volkswagen Engine Oil. It is custom-made to protect your Volkswagen engine and improve its performance and efficiency, helping you save fuel and reduce maintenance costs.

Contact us to find out more! 

Phone: +65 6305 7299

Engine Oil & Fluids

From engine performance through to braking force: Our Genuine engine oils and the right operating fluids enable your Volkswagen to achieve peak performance.

Engine Oil

Your engine is the heart of your Volkswagen. Discover how to care for it using Genuine Volkswagen Engine Oil, which is custom-made to protect and prolong your engine's life.


AdBlue®  improves your "green" credentials on the road. The most important reasons for this, which models use AdBlue® and how to top up AdBlue® are provided here in black and white.   

Operating Fluids

These fluids protect your engine against elements such as rust, heat, and keeping your vehicle performing at an optimal level. Discover Volkswagen Genuine Operating Fluids.

Wheels & Tyres

Your tyres are your only contact with the road - with a contact surface that is scarcely bigger than four footprints. Discover fascinating information relating to your wheels and tyres.  

Tyre services and offers

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we're by your side with our top quality tyres and matching service. Don't get thrown off track - let us take care of the professional maintenance and care of your wheels and tyres.

Tyre replacement and knowledge

Interesting facts and knowledge about tyres: What is the right tyre pressure? How do you measure the tread depth? And is it true that tyres are made up of more than 200 materials? Find out more here.

Wheel alignment

Volkswagen Tyre Shield

Inspection and Service

Your Volkswagen gives its all, every minute of every day. Please give us just a few minutes to check your car, e.g. in the free Dialogue Reception, which we conduct together with you. Our Original Services are also available in the Express Service: quick and without prior appointment.

Map updates

Get the latest updates for your system data here.

For cars of a certain model year, a one-time purchase of the activation key is required (retail price: $596).