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Operating Fluids

Operating Fluids

These fluids protect your engine against elements such as rust, heat, and keeping your vehicle performing at an optimal level. Discover Volkswagen Geniune Operating Fluids.

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

A standard of its own for your safety.

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid has been developed in conjunction with your brake system and is far more than just standard - to be more precise, it sets its own standard: VW Standard 501 14.

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 Reliable under pressure

Gentle on material

Does not attack seals. Prevent pipes and cylinders from rusting.

Strong performance in the cold

Operationally ready even at temperatures of up to -40 ℃.

Longer service interval

Extends the first service interval for new cars to three years.

All-Rounder. What brake fluid does for you.

Your battery needs to be changed from time to time. Reason: Whenever the battery discharges, lead sulphate crystals, which reduce the electricity flow in the long term, form on the battery's lead plates. The more lead sulphate crystals have formed on the plate surfaces, the less capacity the battery has.

Why change?

Brake fluid absorbs moisture, thereby keeping the water content in your brake system low. However, this means that it rises in the brake fluid over time. If it is too high, the boiling point falls and vapour bubbles may form. When you depress the brake, these bubbles are compressed. Braking force is lost.     

Can I change brake fluid myself?

Your brakes must work reliably - for your safety and the safety of others. Have only trained specialists carry out any work on brakes, preferably at your Volkswagen Partner.      

When is it time for a change?

With a new Volkswagen, you should have the first change of brake fluid after three years - after that, we recommend a change every two years.       

Volkswagen G13 Genuine Coolant Additive

Maximum protection with maximum performance.

If you accelerate, things start getting very hot in your engine - actually, too hot for many materials. Volkswagen G13 Genuine Coolant Additive cools reliably even under heavy strain. At the same time, the innovative formulation protects against limescale, corrosion, acids and frost up to -40 °C. Perfect - even for fully aluminium engines.

Trust the original

Environmentally responsible.

Thanks to up to 20% glycerin based on renewable and recycled raw materials. An initial filling of all Volkswagen alone around 35,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Protects the engine and gentle on parts.

Matched to all materials of the cooling system. Protects the engine against extreme temperatures, corrosion, overacidification and limescale.

Miscible. A perfect mix.

With the previous products, G11, G12 and G12 plus.

Operating fluids knowledge

All important aspects of coolant. Up to 100 litres of coolant a minute flow through the cooling circuit of a 4-cylinder engine and cool it - providing the mixture, age and the grade are correct.

Teamwork with water

Water can dissipate large quantities of heat - with little effort, but with small disadvantages like limescale, and a low freezing and boiling point. Coolant addictive offsets these minus points.

Age makes explosive

Up to 100 litres of cooling liquid a minute flow through the cooling circuit of a 4-cylinder engine. If the fluid is too old, little bubbles (cavitations) may form. If they burst, they give rise to pressures of several thousand bar, which can rupture even metal walls.

Too much damages

The coolant cycle is a pressurised closed system. If the temperature rises, the cooling fluid expands. If its fill level in the expansion tank is too high, there will be too little space for it. Radiator, tank or hoses may burst.

The right mixture

You mix your coolant from distilled water and between 40 % and 60 % coolant additive. You can find the correct mix in your Owner's Manual. Tip: Use our Ready to Go package.

Better Genuine

The wrong coolant will damage your engine and cooling system: Use only coolant additives or ready mixtures that have been approved by Volkswagen or let us top up the tank.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Clear

Strong on dirt. Gentle on your car.

Snow, rain, insects: No matter what is in the air today, Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Clear will enable you to retain a clear view. At the same time, the special formulation protects your windscreens and the windscreen washer against frost and limescale - without leaving marks on your paintwork.

For a clear sight

All year round

Removes road salt, insects and grease. Protects windscreen and windscreen washer against frost and limescale.

Environmentally friendly

Without water-insoluble washing substances.

Gentle on parts

Compatible with all Volkswagen materials: No cracks in plastic parts or marks on the paintwork.