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Body & Paintwork

Body & Paintwork

For your safety and a brilliant appearance. Discover here why Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts contribute so much to your safety. And how to make minor paintwork damage almost invisible.     

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts

Precisely fitting safety.
Your benefits
  • Better safety.

Thanks to a high level of body stiffness, panel strength and optimum absorption of impact energy.

  • Custom-fit.

Fast and hence cost-efficient installation due to high accuracy of fit.

  • Original design.

Your Volkswagen remains a Volkswagen.


Product information

Safe and strong: Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts give your Volkswagen the necessary stability and offer you the best possible protection in the event of an impact. As we have developed all parts especially for your original, they fit like a glove. Result: You save time and costs in any repair and your Volkswagen remains an original through and through.

Safe wrapping

More than just a bit of metal. The body parts of your Volkswagen not only look brilliant, they also protect you, your passengers and other road users - against, for example, the full momentum in the event of an impact.

Cross members, bumpers

Absorb most of the impact energy in an accident and distribute it to the body work. Your passenger compartment remains more robust.

Engine bonnet

Deforms in a crash, thereby absorbing a part of the impact energy. For fewer injuries and lower repair costs.


Protects pedestrains and other road users against splash water, swirled-up dirt and small stones.

Volkswagen Genuine Paint Sprays and Touch Up Sticks

Your colour shade spot on.
Your benefits
  • Genuine Volkswagen colours.

Available in common Volkswagen colour shades. Even for older models.

  • In a set with clear coat finish.

For the best possible result. Also for metallic and pearl effect paints.

  • Protect quickly and simply.

Largely prevent the spread of rust at damaged spots.


Product information

Minor paint defects? It's easy to remove them: To achieve the best possible result, Volkswagen Genuine Paint Sprays and Sticks exist in common Volkswagen colour shades and also in sets with a clear coat finish - appropriate for giving your Volkswagen several coats of paint.

Body and Paintwork Service

For your safety and a brilliant appearance.

Discover here why Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts contribute so much to your safety. And how to make minor paintwork damage almost invisible.

A dent in the panel work? Happens to everyone at some time. Our body and paintwork service will soon make you forget minor damage. Following our repairs, you will be able to rely on your safety again and your bodywork will look as dazzling as it did previously. Reason: We carry out repairs strictly according to Volkswagen guidelines and replace damaged parts only with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. To keep all warranties intact for you.

In the event of an accident, the Body & Paint Repair department in Volkswagen Singapore assists customers in every possible area, from the paperwork to the repairs of the car. John Foo, the Bodyshop Manager, shares some points as to why it is important to use a Volkswagen-approved bodyshop.


  • Volkswagen only allows manufacturer-trained technicians to work on your vehicle, using the same paint, parts and materials that are used in the factory. All repairs and parts come with a 2-year warranty, with terms and conditions.
  • You are assured of a competent team working on your Volkswagen, and the job is done adhering to the strictest quality control. All our technicians follow strict, mandated repair procedures that are implemented globally, and they have access to the latest tools and repair information straight from Germany.
  • A new coat of paint is not just of cosmetic value - it protects your Volkswagen against corrosion, allowing for a reliable and durable vehicle.
  • There is no fixed price for each paint job, as many factors come into play - for example, the condition of the car, the car's size, and the type of paint used will affect the final quoted price.

John is also regarded by many customers as Mr Fix-it. To learn more about Body & Paint processes, click here.

If you are in an accident, here are some tips on what you should do:

  • Stop away from traffic in a well-lit place (if possible).
  • Check if anyone is injured, and call for emergency medical help if necessary. Then approach the other car and check if the driver and/or the other passengers are injured.
  • Do not remove vehicles unless it's necessary to extricate people (perhaps from inside the car or under the vehicle) or send the injured to hospital.
  • Exchange information with the other driver: vehicle registration number, name of driver & NRIC, contact number, insurance company and policy number. Do not argue over who is wrong, and keep silent especially if the other party pressures you or threatens you.
  • If you have a camera on hand, take photographs of the accident site, damage on vehicles, tyre skid marks on the road, etc.
  • Call the Volkswagen 24-hour roadside assistance service at 6333 8800 for towing of your Volkswagen at no charges (terms and conditions apply).
  • Report the accident to your insurer within 24 hours after the accident. Volkswagen is an approved authorised accident reporting centre for the following companies:
  1. AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  2. MSIG Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
  3. Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  4. AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
  5. China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • If your insurance company is not in the list above, please lodge an accident report with your insurance-authorised accident reporting centre.
  • If there is any injury, please lodge a police report within 24 hours of the accident. In cases where there is no injury, please submit a "Non-injury motor accident report" through your insurer.
  • If there is any accident involving an embassy vehicle, foreign vehicle, government vehicle and/or government property, please lodge a police report within 24 hours of the accident.