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Shock absorbers.

Change your shock absorbers now for greater comfort & safety.

With Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers, your comfort and safety will never fall by the wayside. Discover here just what makes them so special and how they work.

Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers. For a peaceful journey – even on bumpy roads.

Your benefits.

  • Safe.

Decrease the impact of vibrations and support the function of assistance systems (e.g. electronic stabilisation programme or ABS).


  • Resilient.

Top performance at high speeds and with large loads e.g. a heavy trailer or lots of luggage.


  • Cost-effective.

Protect vehicle body and vehicle components from high levels of wear.

Product information.

Working together for greater comfort and safety. Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers are perfectly coordinated to your Volkswagen, its running gear and assistance systems. They guarantee a smooth and safe journey, as well as helping you to stay on track - in tight curves, during hard braking and when your vehicle is fully loaded, with the entire family on board.

When is it time for an inspection?

You should have your shock absorbers checked regularly via visual inspection from approximately every 30,000km. This will ensure optimal traction throughout the entire year.

How do defects become apparent?

It's not easy to keep an eye on your shock absorbers. They're normally tucked away behind your tyres. They also wear away gradually - you adjust your driving style accordingly and maybe don't notice that your Volkswagen's driving performance is becoming a little spongy when driving into a bend, that the braking distance is longer etc. This makes its wear limit particularly deceptive, so be sure to check your shock absorbers regularly, preferably at Volkswagen Centre Singapore.

Are defective shock absorbers unsafe?

Defective shock absorbers don't counterbalance vibrations as effectively as they should and are not as efficient when it comes to stabilizing. Your tyres don't have optimal traction. The consequence: Your braking distance is longer, steering is unsteady and the driving performance is less stable, particularly when driving in curves in the road. This causes safety systems to engage at an earlier point, which will become apparent through the less efficient driving dynamics.

Reassurance in no time at all.

  • We check your Volkswagen from the engine to the brakes - also in the Express Service. The result: Excellent value preservation and of course, the reassuring feeling of being safe on the road.

This is what your shock absorbers do for your safety. Invisible assistants who make your journey noticeably more comfortable and safer: Your shock absorbers absorb vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, maintain the contact between your wheels and the road, and make your Volkswagen's driving performance more stable.

Secure on the road.

Thanks to your shock absorbers, your tyres are always in contact with the road - during acceleration, braking and steering.

Not rattled by anything.

Shock absorbers quickly counterbalance any vibrations that may occur as a result of bumps, potholes or crosswinds etc. For a safe and peaceful journey.

Safe interaction.

Electronic assistance systems such as ABS and the electronic stabilisation programme ensure your safety during acceleration, braking and steering - providing that your shock absorbers are working correctly.

Intact shock absorbers. Shorter braking distance. Your shock absorbers work together with your brakes and wheels to make sure that you're safe when you hit the road. If they're working correctly, you'll come to a halt a full 6m earlier when driving at approx. 50 mph (80 km/h).