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Sharan It's big and powerful.

Design The first impression is often decisive. Fortunately, the qualities of the Volkswagen Sharan are instantly apparent: dynamism, room and style.


With its crisp lines, the Sharan impresses at first sight. The bold headlight clusters, the striking radiator grille, the bonnet's dynamic lines - the design of the Sharan's front end is truly exceptional. It is completed by the chrome edging on the radiator grille's protective fins, which gives a special touch of class.


The Sharan comes equipped with bi-xenon headlights, which illuminate curves by adjusting the angle of the lamps according to your steering. They are also extremely power efficient. Also included are LED daytime running lights that complement the headlights to increase daytime visibility of the vehicle.

Panoramic sunroof

All occupants aboard the Sharan can enjoy the panoramic sunroof with a surface area of 1.1 square metres. The sunroof's glass is tinted to keep the occupants protected from the sun's rays, and there is also an electrically operated sunblind which can be opened and closed even when the roof is open.

Instrument cluster

One look is all it takes to tell you everything you need to know - for not only is the instrument cluster in the Sharan attractively designed, it has an extremely clear layout too. The round dials allow the driver to glean the most important information at a glance without being distracted from the road for too long.


Inside, the Sharan looks every bit as classy as it feels. The roomy interior is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well with the classy 'Alcantara' leather upholstery that adorns the ergonomically shaped seats. The dashboard and front door trim panels feature 'Mirror Oak' decorative inserts.


The Sharan makes no big secret of its key strength - rather it is skilfully brought out by the car's styling. Consequently, size is a dominant feature of the rear end's design. At the same time, the generously dimensioned tailgate, which opens and closes electrically, blends perfectly into the sophisticated lines.

Seats Large family, a group of friends, or just to have as many options as possible at your disposal. The Sharan is the perfect answer to all your individual requirements.

Integrated child seats

Much thought has been given to younger passengers: with two integrated child seats in the second row, they can travel in complete safety and comfort as well. Belt tensioners and an extremely sturdy design keep your young ones as safe as possible. When not required, they retract right back into the seat in seconds.

7 individual seats

All 5 rear seats are individually adjustable and feature ISOFIX anchorage points for securing child seats. The 'Easy Entry' function offers convenient access to the third row, and if you ever have a bulky load to transport instead of lots of passengers, 'EasyFold' allows you to adapt the load space with the greatest of ease.

Sports comfort seats

The front seats in the Sharan offer the ultimate in travel comfort. With electric 12-way adjustment for the fore-and-aft position, height, seat cushion positioning and backrest angle as well as the integral lumbar support, they offer supreme seating comfort in a distinctly sporty guise.

Comfort and convenience By not having to do everything yourself, for instance, which is why the Sharan offers a whole host of extras designed to make the task of driving even more pleasurable.

Power sliding doors

Toddler in one arm while carrying the shopping with the other - sometimes you just don't have a hand to spare. Which is why the Sharan has power sliding doors. They have a particularly smooth action, and can easily be opened from the outside using the key remote control or from the inside with a convenient button.

Electric tailgate

The tailgate of the Sharan can be opened and closed at the push of a button too - perfect for anyone who likes to have some of the work taken off their hands now and again. And if you do need something from the luggage compartment during the trip, the tailgate can be opened electrically from the driver's seat too.

Keyless locking and starting system (KESSY)

With KESSY, you only have to carry the key for the Sharan on your person and the vehicle will open automatically. The electronics will communicate with the car key the instant you touch the door handle, allowing you to climb straight in. As for the engine, that starts at the simple push of a button.

'Climatronic' air conditioning system

Left side, right side, rear: the 'Climatronic' fully automated air conditioning system creates three individual climate zones in the Sharan, as the driver, front passenger and rear passengers have separate controls for setting their exact preferred temperature.

Noise-insulating glass

Get in, close the door and simply enjoy the tranquillity that the Sharan offers you thanks to the noise-insulating glass in the front windscreen. It reduces the noise level during the journey by up to 5 decibels, as a large part of the noise that penetrates into the cabin from outside is transmitted through the windscreen.

Space Offering space is one thing. Making wise use of it is another. The intelligently devised spatial concept of the Sharan ensures supremely convenient flexibility.


Whether you're moving house or have just been on a major shopping spree, if you ever need to carry a little more than usual, the standard 'EasyFold' function in the Sharan allows the seats in the second and third rows to be folded flat with a simple one-handed action to form large, flat load areas of various sizes.

Easy Entry

The Sharan is designed to let the passengers in the third row comfortably reach their seats too. This is thanks to the 'Easy Entry' access aid, which allows the seats in the second row to be quickly tilted and slid forwards for unobstructed access to and from the rear. Even the rear passengers can do it easily by themselves.

Luggage compartment

Whatever your space requirements are, the Sharan is bound to satisfy them. Even with all the seats in place, there is plenty of boot space for travel bags and shopping. And with the second and third rows of seats pushed down, the Sharan offers a completely flat boot floor that can hold up to 2,297 litres of cargo.

Assistance systems Even if you like to have everything under control – sometimes it can be nice to delegate.

Park Assist

You could park it yourself of course, but you don't have to - at least not with Park Assist on board. It helps you manoeuvre into and out of tight parallel parking spaces with ease, and can also handle parking in perpendicular spaces in multiple manoeuvres. The system detects parking spaces at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Rear view camera

A pillar, a kerbstone, the neighbour's car bumper? The rear view camera gives you a perfect view of what lurks behind the Sharan. Superimposed guidelines indicate the path the vehicle will follow with the current steering wheel setting, and when the steering wheel has to be turned. It's parking, made pleasurable.

Economy Motoring is not just a question of mobility. It is a question of assuming responsibility too – for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the planet.

Maintenance and upkeep costs

The Sharan is powerful but also amazingly efficient, so you spend less on fuel. We have also increased the maintenance intervals for parts such as pollen and air filters, and reduced the amount of labour required in the workshop. As a result, the maintenance costs for the Sharan have been lowered substantially.


Whether you're heading out for a grocery run or a day at the zoo, you'll be driving with a smile. That's because the Sharan's TSI engine produces 220 PS and the DSG automatic gearbox gives you fast, smooth gearshifts. These technologies enable the Sharan to achieve a fuel consumption figure of 7.3 L/100km in the combined cycle.

Servicing and warranty Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

All Volkswagen models come with a 3-year free service maintenance package:

  • 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • 30,000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first)
  • 45,000 km or 3 years (whichever comes first)

Vehicles purchased after 1st April 2017 come with comprehensive warranty coverage of up to 5 years or 100,000km mileage (whichever comes first). For more warranty information, please click here.

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