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Side Assist An electric "glance" into wing mirrors.

Side Assist - People driven

Side Assist warns drivers of traffic before or while changing lanes. Visual warning signals in the exterior mirrors warn drivers of cars closer than 50 metres as well as those in blind spots. Drivers know exactly what is happening around them and can avoid any danger.


The system design ensures that drivers are only alerted when necessary: warnings are not triggered for stationary objects or oncoming vehicles. Vehicles which are more than one lane across are also ignored. Drivers are not distracted with frequent warnings. Side Assist is activated by pushing a button, operates from speeds above 60 kilometres per hour and is therefore not used in heavy inner-city traffic. In addition, drivers can also manually switch off the system using the multi-function display Plus.

The main benefit of Side Assist is that it makes driving all the more relaxing and hassle-free. It is an ideal combination of a device which is easy to use while at the same time increasing comfort. This does not mean that drivers can be careless when overtaking or no longer have to keep an eye on their mirrors.