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The technology

Our technological building blocks for a clean environment

Our goal: breaking new ground

Every period in time has its pioneers. The VW Beetle fulfilled the basic need for increased individual mobility. We have always worked on designing new models that are more efficient than their predecessors. That's because we have always had an ambitious goal: environmentally friendly technologies for all.

Our foundation: TSI, TDI and DSG

Pioneering examples of how environmental and economic efficiency can be put into practice have been demonstrated by Volkswagen's basic technologies for a long time. Our engines, such as the high-torque TSI engine and the powerful TDI unit with a standard-fit diesel particulate filter, represent optimised fuel consumption and fewer pollutants together with pure driving pleasure. The fuel-efficient DSG dual-clutch gearbox makes a further contribution towards conserving resources: it offers the comfort of an automatic gearbox along with the agility, dynamic performance and superior consumption figures of a manual gearbox. Caring for the environment can be fun!


Our wildcard: Innovations from production to recycling

In addition to the basic technologies, Volkswagen also offers a wide range of innovations which protect the environment intelligently. We believe that sustainable mobility is more than just reducing consumption. It means a holistic approach to improving the environmental aspects of our products - from production to recycling. The combined effects of these innovative technologies offer the right solution for every need.

Innovations for humanity

Preventing energy loss: recuperation

How can previously unused energy be used for the drive system? Volkswagen has the answer: with brake energy regeneration (recuperation). This system stores previously wasted energy from the brake application in the car battery and increases efficiency.

Just turn it off: the start-stop system

Our engineers even try to save on fuel consumption with small and clever innovations - for instance, using the start-stop system. It automatically turns the engine off when the vehicle comes to a stop and starts it back up when you let off the brake pedal. That can result in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5 percent.

Fresh air: the NOx exhaust treatment system

Our requirements for a Volkswagen vehicle are clear: we want to be prepared for tomorrow's strictest emission standards today - with the NOx catalytic convertor or SCR system of our BlueTDI models. These technologies offer our customers the cleanest TDI technologies of tomorrow in the cars of today.

Powerfu(e)l packages: EcoFuelm BiFuel and MultiFuel

Volkswagen recognises that the aim of sustainable mobility cannot be achieved by a single engine concept and one type of fuel alone. That's why our BiFuel engines use liquefied petroleum gas and the EcoFuel models use natural gas. As a result, the engines emit considerably less CO2 and other pollutants compared to similar petrol engines. Our MultiFuel concept enables vehicles to be run mainly with ethanol, petrol or any mix of the two.

Energy of the future: hybrid and electric drive systems

Volkswagen is also developing alternative drive systems such as hybrid and electric engines. In the hybrid engine, we combine our high-performance TSI engines with an electric motor. This leads to a reduction in consumption levels of up to 15 percent. That is just an intermediate step towards a completely electric drive system, which causes no local emissions and, when it uses energy from renewable sources, is especially environmentally friendly. Our long-term aim here is: stop using oil.