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Light systems

Improved vision

Visibility is an important aspect of motoring safety. To make sure you can see and be seen better, Volkswagen offers light systems such as dynamic and static cornering lights. They assist the driver and thereby increase the safety of all road users.


Dynamic cornering lights

The xenon headlights with dynamic and static cornering light improve illumination of the road ahead by up to 90 percent when cornering or turning. Light distribution is constantly adapted to the vehicle's speed in the process. With the dynamic cornering light, the light beams track the turning angle of the steering wheel at speeds above 10 km/h. Based on the angle of the steering wheel and the vehicle speed, servo motors in the headlight assemblies swivel the headlights to illuminate the line of the bend as effectively as possible. To prevent oncoming traffic from being dazzled, the swivel angle of the dynamic cornering light is limited to 15 degrees. Thanks to this technology, drivers are able to make out the line of the bend as well as any obstacles, people or animals ahead sooner. This gives the driver more time to react, and the risk of an accident is reduced considerably.


Static cornering light

When the speed drops below 30 km/h, an additional reflector behind the side light reflector that is fitted with a separate halogen bulb acts as a static cornering light. When the steering wheel is turned or the turn signals are operated, this light illuminates the area into which the vehicle is turning at an angle of approx. 35 degrees and for a distance of several metres. The signalling effect produced by the static cornering light makes the vehicle easier to spot for other road users.