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DSG Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG)

Most cars today come with either a manual transmission or the conventional torque converter automatic transmission. Both types of transmission have advantages and disadvantages. While the manual transmission is cheaper to manufacture and uses fuel more efficiently, automatic transmissions offer easy shifting without any reduction in traction.With its dual-clutch DSG gearbox, Volkswagen has managed to combine the best aspects of both conventional transmission designs in one gearbox, perfectly reconciling driving pleasure and efficiency. The DSG (direct shift gearbox) creates a dynamic driving experience that allows gear changes to be executed without any reduction in traction. Compared with conventional automatic transmissions, the new gearbox has impressively low fuel consumption - sometimes even lower than that of a manual transmission. DSG gearboxes can be operated either with the sporty rocker switches on the steering wheel or in the easy-to-use automatic mode.Depending on what your driving requirements are, different DSG versions with different features can be applied to ensure the perfect drive every time.

The advantages of the Volkswagen DSG

  • The DSG from Volkswagen allows quick, smooth gear changes with the ease of an automatic transmission.
  • The fuel consumption of cars with a DSG is sometimes lower than that of models with a manual transmission (depending on driving style).
  • The manual gear selection option can also deliver sporty driving pleasure if desired and can be operated using the rocker switches on the steering wheel.