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Gear changes

Two clutches working in perfect harmony

The principle of overlapping gear changes in the DSG is as follows: when one gear is engaged, another gear is always preselected. If a gear change is approaching, one clutch opens within three to four hundredths of a second while the other closes. The mechatronics module ensures that this takes place fast and accurately in a way that would not be possible manually. In this way, the change of gear is imperceptible to the driver and is achieved without any reduction in traction. The decision as to which gear should be engaged next is made by the control unit based on the position/operation of the accelerator, engine speed and vehicle speed. If the accelerator pedal is pressed and the vehicle accelerates, the next-highest gear will be preselected before the shift point is reached. If the accelerator is not pressed, however, i.e. if the vehicle is in overrun, the next-lowest gear will be preselected.

The advantages in detail:

  • The Volkswagen DSG allows smooth, entirely jerk-free gear-changes combined with the comfort of an automatic gearbox.
  • The very effective dual clutch even cuts the fuel consumption of some models featuring DSG to below that of manual models (depending on driving style).
  • The manual gear selection option can deliver sporty driving pleasure thanks to its instantaneous gear changes. Depending on the model of car, the gears can also be changed using the gear-shift paddles on the steering wheel.