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How it works

The best of both worlds

Volkswagen's dual-clutch gearbox combines the ease of a conventional automatic transmission with the power of a manual transmission. It consists of two independent gearbox units. Through the dual clutch, both gearboxes are connected alternately and positively to the engine via two drive shafts depending on the current gear. The dual clutch's hydraulic actuators allow gear changes to be executed without any reduction in traction. The gearbox is controlled through a so-called mechatronics module, which contains the electronic transmission control unit, various sensors and a hydraulic operation unit in one compact package. The dual-clutch DSG has two driving modes: Normal and Sports. In the Sports mode, the DSG extends the gears further and, if required, can change down sooner too. The gear changes can also be executed manually however. You can make the whole process even sportier by using the rocker switches on the multi-function steering wheel. The clutch is always applied completely automatically. Depending on what your driving requirements are, a selection of DSG versions with different features can be used to ensure the perfect drive.

For engines with a torque of up to 250 Nm

The DSG for torques of up to 250 Nm is ideal for use in cars with smaller, more economical engines. The crucial component of the DSG is its "dry" running clutch. It dispenses with the oil bath needed in conventional designs, making it completely unique. Together with many other advantages, the dry, hydraulically-controlled dual clutch means that the amount of gear oil needed is much less as the oil is only needed for greasing the gears and bearings and not for cooling the clutch. This produces a significantly higher level of efficiency. This DSG also has a 7th gear with a large gear ratio, which also plays a major role in the system's economical fuel consumption.

For engines with a torque of over 250 Nm

The DSG for torques of over 250 Nm is ideally suited for use in cars with more powerful engines. Its unique feature is two "wet" multi-plate clutches in an oil bath. A shared oil circulation system serves to grease the gears, cool the dual clutch and maintain the hydraulic shift position. There is a choice of a 6-speed gearbox for medium-sized cars and medium loads and a 7-speed gearbox for large cars with heavy loads.