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Dynaudio sound system It's more than just a system - its a philosophy

Speakers by the Danish manufacturer DYNAUDIO can be found in the world's top recording studios, as they reproduce the music exactly as it is found on the original recording. This high-end sound that is highly appreciated by experts is also available for many Volkswagen models.

To achieve the best results, DYNAUDIO engineers become involved as early as the vehicle development stage. In order to match the sound perfectly to the specific space available, Volkswagen works closely with the specialists: from optimising the position of the speakers to determining the vehicle's acoustics through to fine-tuning the complete sound system.

Experience the studio sound in your Volkswagen with the visually appealing, meticulously crafted audio systems from DYNAUDIO. 

The high-quality DYNAUDIO sound systems feature everything discerning ears could wish for: a rich audio range, speakers perfectly suited to the interior of each model and first-class sound quality with high wattage. The impressive sound experience is achieved through the use of refined tweeters and woofers, and resonance-free membranes made from a special polymer. High-quality components ensure natural resolution across all frequency ranges and provide breathtaking surround sound thanks to the homogeneous way in which it is distributed.

Besides the flawless workmanship of the DYNAUDIO sound systems, the speakers are perfectly arranged to suit the interior layout of the vehicle, thereby ensuring that all occupants can share the same impressive audio experience, despite sitting in different positions.

The DYNAUDIO Confidence audio system

The opportunity to listen to music as it sounded in the recording studio - the DYNAUDIO Confidence sound system takes you very close to this ideal. Enjoy a concert hall sound experience in your vehicle: powerful dynamics, highest resolution and deep, rich bass tones.

Thanks to the 16-channel digital amplifier with a total output of 700 watts and the 10 fine-tuned DYNAUDIO speakers, you can hear every nuance of your high-resolution recordings. In addition, sound profiles are available for listening at a very low volume or to make speech clearly audible, for example.