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Radio systems

RCD 210

The 'RCD 210' radio with an output of 2 x 20 watts features four speakers in the front and an integrated CD player. Music can also be played in MP3 format from CDs; song titles, artists and albums can be selected using the practical display on the radio. If desired, the song titles can be briefly previewed or played randomly. The 'RCD 210' can be combined with the optional mobile phone preparation system. This allows a phone call to interrupt the radio programme or CD and the conversation is conducted via the vehicle's speaker system. The radio can be conveniently operated using the optional multifunction steering wheel.

RCD 310

The 'RCD 310' radio features a CD player and a connection for an external CD changer. Music can be played in both MP3 and WMA format. The radio automatically adjusts the volume depending on the speed and even displays the outside temperature. A telephone connection for the mobile phone preparation system is possible. The Optical Parking System (OPS) can be displayed on the 'RCD 310' as a further option. If desired, the 'RCD 310' can be combined with the 'Volkswagen Sound' or 'DYNAUDIO' sound systems.

RCD 510

The 'RCD 510' radio provides a unique sound experience and outstanding user comfort thanks to features such as the large touch screen and the clear layout of the buttons. The radio plays files in MP3 and WMA format and has a connection for an additional external CD changer. In addition, the 'RCD 510' features a six-disc CD changer, an SD card reader and an AUX IN interface. It can be combined with the optionally available mobile phone preparation or 'Premium' mobile phone preparation systems and also displays information from other systems, such as the optional Optical Parking System or, depending on the equipment fitted, the similarly optional air-conditioning system. 

Composition Colour

With a total of eight speakers, the 'Composition Colour' radio guarantees rich sound. It can be conveniently operated via a 5", colour touch-screen display and offers various ways of playing music: besides the integrated CD drive and FM/AM radio receiver, the system also features an SD card slot and AUX IN media socket for connecting external audio sources, making it easy to put together a highly individual range of entertainment and information.  

Composition Media

The 'Composition Media' radio has impressive features, including an easy-to-operate colour touch screen with 6.5" display and eight speakers. The system also has an integrated CD drive and various connection options for external devices: SD card slot, USB port and AUX IN media socket. This makes it possible to play tracks from a CD player or smartphone, for instance. The 'Composition Media' can receive FM and AM radio stations. Convenient phone calls during the journey are guaranteed by the integrated mobile phone preparation system with Bluetooth interface, which allows calls to be conducted via the speakers, if so desired.