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Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC)

Intelligence is about adapting

Sporty driving dynamics or great driving comfort - up to now, drivers have always had to make the choice. However, thanks to the intelligent Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), Volkswagen has now succeeded in coupling these two qualities in one vehicle for the first time. The innovative system ensures that the suspension is constantly adapting to suit the road and driving situation. The driver has the option of choosing between three presets: Sporty, Normal or Comfort - all at the touch of a button.

How it works

To guarantee that the car can always adapt to the driving conditions, the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) features electric adjustable dampers. Each individual shock absorber is connected to a control device which calculates the optimum setting for each individual wheel from the sensor data and other system information (e.g. steering, braking and driving assist systems) it receives. This allows the system to react within milliseconds to bumps in the road, changing lanes or bendy roads.



In practice

The DCC adaptive suspension control system offers drivers three different programs to suit their mood: "Sport", "Normal" and "Comfort". The "Sport" mode, for instance, features relatively stiff dampers to match the changed steering characteristics. The result is a driving experience on a par with that of an agile sports car. However, the DCC adaptive suspension control system can do much more: It provides the optimum settings for every individual driving situation and type of road. This provides a suspension feeling similar to that of a luxury saloon (like the Phaeton). The control system always remains active and is ever ready to ensure sporty stiff suspension when changing lanes, even in "Comfort" mode.