The Beetle

Design To remain true to yourself, you have to be open to change. The Beetle has outgrown its playful curves and is now more distinctive, athletic and self-assured.


 The Beetle makes quite an impression with its masculine proportions, advancing from cult retro status to a stylish classic. Its silhouette - with an extended bonnet, a more steeply angled windscreen set further back and a flat roof line - injects it with an unprecedented dynamism, similar to that of a sporty coupe.


 Inside, the Beetle pays homage to its roots: a compact instrument cluster with a round dial in the centre evoke memories of the classic Beetle. Air vents and state-of-the-art infotainment features have, of course, been seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. One thing hasn't changed though: the high-quality finish of the materials used.

Panoramic tilting sunroof

More light. More air. More possibilities. The panoramic tilting/sliding sunroof for the Beetle opens up new perspectives, flooding the cabin with light and at the same time offering breathtaking views. It is tinted and heat-insulated so that it reflects 99 percent of UV rays and 92 percent of heat, ensuring a pleasant interior climate.

Colour-matched interior

Tone-on-tone is the best option for an elegant look. Just like the Beetle, whose specially developed steering wheel trims match the exterior paint finish. What's more, they blend in harmoniously with the rest of the cockpit design, helped by a dashboard and door panels that are finished in the same colour as the vehicle too.

Rear spoiler

The rear spoiler is homogeneously integrated in the design of the Beetle, with its top surface in black and its underside painted in body colour. It provides extra aerodynamic downforce, keeping the car resolutely stable no matter how fast you go.

Interior One of the benefits of growing up is finally having the freedom to develop to the full. In the Beetle, you can enjoy comfort-enhancing privileges and set your own priorities.


More room for more everyday practicality: the Beetle offers ample space for your plans and ideas - plus three charming passengers. Its dynamic silhouette produces an entirely new sense of spaciousness in the interior. The result is a clearer view out of the vehicle, more luggage space and plenty of headroom for passengers in the rear too.

'Climatronic' air conditioning

The 'Climatronic' air conditioning system allows you to select your favourite temperature - and so can your front passenger, as the 2-zone control allows the temperature to be adjusted individually for the left and right sides. Meanwhile, the air quality sensor stops poor air from entering the passenger compartment in congested city traffic.

Infotainment Once you know where you are headed, you can just relax and enjoy the drive there. And that’s something which is made all the more pleasurable by the infotainment systems aboard the Beetle.

Radio systems

The state-of-the-art infotainment systems in the Beetle feature the latest generation touchscreens and superb sound quality. The 'Composition Colour' has a 5-inch display, a built-in CD player and an SD card slot. Offering even more is the 'Composition Media' with its high-resolution 6.33-inch display and Bluetooth connectivity.

Driver assistance systems The Beetle knows exactly where its help is required: it enhances safety on every journey with intelligent driver assistance systems – just like a responsible grown-up should do.

Hill Hold

Hill hold control on the Beetle comes to your aid during everyday driving as standard. It governs the starting torque when pulling away on an uphill gradient and interacts with the hydraulic brake assist and the transmission control to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards by applying the brakes.

Electronic Stabilisation Programme

The Beetle has thought of everything where safety is concerned: the standard Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) ensures excellent handling characteristics even in difficult situations. By intervening in the braking system and engine management with lightning speed, the system helps the Beetle to stay on course with masterful ease.

Bi-xenon headlamps

Now here's a bright idea: The Beetle has bi-xenon headlamps that illuminate the road ahead with brilliant white light, while consuming less energy than conventional bulbs. The LED daytime running lights also ensure that you always remain visible in all conditions.

Technology It has gathered decades of experience, which you can now reap the benefit of: the Beetle has renewed strength and vitality, and can capitalise on its technical assets.

TSI engines

TSI in the Beetle means high torque at low revs. The TSI engines are particularly economical too as they apply the proven downsizing principle. Reducing the engine size in combination with turbocharging is currently one of the most effective means of saving fuel. Best of all, the drive units generate abundant power despite their relatively small displacements.

Dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)

More economical than a conventional automatic gearbox and with no interruption in power flow, DSG gives a truly dynamic driving experience in the Beetle. What's more, you have the choice of two drive modes: Normal and Sport. In Sport mode, the DSG holds on to the gears for longer, as well as shifting down earlier as necessary.


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