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The multi-talented 7-seater The Touran


Your next adventure beckons with the all-purpose Touran. The new R-Line model brings sporty credentials to a family favourite, adding a dash of style and excitement to your everyday life.

The Touran has many highlights.
Here are three at a glance:


A stylish take on sensibility


Other exterior highlights

Turbocharged TSI engine

Stay ahead with maximum torque


Other technology highlights

Spacious interior

Room for the family and everything else


Other Interior highlights


The Touran's eye-catching exterior design adds a stylish twist to the functional family car.


Powerful and expressive

Our top of the range R-Line is the ultimate in style and quality, with a bespoke R-Line body kit, 18" Marseille alloy wheels, and a unique radiator grille in black featuring the R-Line logo.


The multi-talented 7-seater

An extremely versatile vehicle that sets out to impress, the Touran features a roof line that drops down slightly towards the rear, giving the car a dynamic, self-assured air. Its powerfully contoured silhouette combines compact urban dimensions with an intelligent space concept, offering you room for everything you need and more.

LED lights

See in the best light

The Touran's LED headlights are designed to provide greater visibility when you're driving through the night. They also last longer than conventional bulbs so your brake and tail lights will fail less frequently.

Panoramic sunroof

Enjoy the views

With the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof as an add-on on the Touran R-Line, all the passengers in the rear are treated to a breathtaking view out of the vehicle. Simply push a button to bathe the interior in a pleasant light and enjoy a wonderfully clear view of the outside world.


The Touran's interior checks all the boxes for the perfect family car. The highly versatile seating concept offers flexible space for more passengers or storage, whenever you need it. 


Command every drive in comfort

With power-adjustable lumbar support in the driver seat, you get the perfect support for your back - ensuring a supremely comfortable ride wherever the destination. 

Integrated child seats

Children travel first class

The Touran R-Line features 2 integrated folding child seats in the second row, so your little ones can ride comfortably and securely.


Room for everyone, and more

From grandparents to the little ones, there's ample room for all the family in your Touran. Intelligent interior design and flexible seating arrangements gives maximum space - with three full size seats in the second row and an additional two in the third row. When not in use, all the rear seats can be folded down to create a spacious flat loading floor for cargo.

Air Care Climatronic

Intelligent climate control

Keep the temperature just right with three independently controlled temperature zones for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. An active biogenic filter keeps allergens away, and an automatic air recirculation mode improves air quality in the car. 

Keyless entry

No more searching for the key

Simply carry your car key in your pocket and the KESSY keyless system will detect the key from approximately 1.5 metres away. Unlock the doors and rear lid as soon as you slide your hand into the handle of one of the front doors. Once you're inside, simply press the start button and drive away.

See the Touran for yourself


With the Touran's sophisticated infotainment systems, every drive is filled with enjoyable experiences.

Composition media

Looks as good as it sounds

With a gorgeous 8-inch touchscreen display, the Composition Media system is a delight to use - simply touch the screen, just like your phone. The system includes USB and Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily pair your mobile devices.


Connect seamlessly

Simply connect your Apple or Android smartphone to the Composition Media system via USB to put selected apps at your fingertips, allowing you to listen to your favorite music, use your phone or check the latest news and journey information. It's that simple to stay connected on every trip.

Assistance systems

The Touran features intelligent safety systems to help you deal with critical situations well or even avoid them. 

Side Assist

Always on the lookout

When changing lanes the Touran has your back, literally. Radar sensors in the rear of the car detect other vehicles behind you, including in your blind spot, and will warn you via an icon on the side mirrors. The additional Rear Traffic Alert system also gives you an audible warning if it detects another vehicle as you reverse out of a parking space. In an emergency, the system will even brake the vehicle to help you avoid an accident.

Front Assist

Your second pair of eyes

Take the stress out of unexpected situations with Front Assist on the Touran. When a possible collision is detected, the system lets you know with an acoustic and visual warning and prepares the car for emergency braking. If you don't react in time, City Emergency Braking steps in to slow the car down, with the aim of fully avoiding a collision or reducing its impact.

Multi-collision brake

Prevent follow-on collisions intelligently

The standard multi-collision brake can limit the damage with a rear-end collision. In many cases there is actually a second collision following the initial accident. The system can detect an accident and respond faster than the driver could, initiating braking to prevent further collisions. The driver can intervene and regain control of the car at any time.

7 airbags

All-around protection

An advanced airbag system ensures that all occupants are well-protected during an impact. The Touran has 7 airbags,  including a driver's knee airbag and side curtain airbags that cover both front and rear passengers. 


The Touran lets you have fun at the wheel with efficient drive systems and innovative technologies designed for everyday life.

Turbocharged TSI engine

Efficient and powerful

The 1.4 TSI engine in the Touran is small in size but big on power. They deliver maximum torque even at low engine speeds, and an even transmission of power for a balanced, smoother ride. You are sure to be impressed by its power, low fuel consumption and perfectly balanced drive. 

Driving profile selection

Your drive, your way

With the driving profile selection, you can decide how you want your Touran to drive at the touch of a button. Choose from:

ECO: Save fuel whilst driving

SPORT: Take on the challenges of a winding road

INDIVIDUAL: Combine individual adjustments and save preferred settings such as air-con and headlights

Tyre pressure loss indicator

Be in tune with your ride

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure helps your tyres last longer and cuts fuel consumption, saving you money in the long run. The handy tyre monitoring indicator senses when tyre pressure drops, alerting you with a symbol that lights up.

Servicing and warranty

Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

Here at Volkswagen, you can be assured of our service quality.

For every service appointment, receive a confirmation date within 2 working days*. Our Aftersales package also include:

  • 5-year warranty
  • 3-year servicing
  • 5-year 24-hr Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

*Conditions apply.


Hear from the professionals.

Move the family effortlessly

“Get into one of Volkswagen’s seven-seater MPVs like the Touran and Sharan, and you’ll immediately understand why Singaporean families that own one love every trip in them.”
- CarBuyer Singapore

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