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Touran It's anything you want it to be.

Design Impressive dynamism and tremendous functionality: the Volkswagen Touran injects fresh impetus into the daily routine.


The Touran is a multi-talented vehicle with a self-assured air. The roof line drops down slightly towards the rear, giving the car a dynamic, self-assured air, further helped by a powerfully contoured silhouette which succeeds in combining ample interior space with compact proportions that promise agile performance. Its timeless exterior design has one overriding purpose, however: to offer you as much room as possible for everything you need within a remarkably small footprint. As a result, the Touran's ease of manoeuvrability when driving in the city is matched by its great comfort on long holiday trips.


Every day holds new challenges in store for you. So it's good to know the Touran boasts so much space and flexibility. With three full-size individual seats in the second row and two further individual seats in the third, friends and family can be effortlessly accommodated. The flat centre tunnel allows easy through-vehicle access in the second row as well as providing plenty of foot room for the middle seat too, while the 'Easy Entry' feature makes light work of reaching the third-row seats. And if the space should ever be needed for transporting cargo instead of passengers, all rear seats can be folded down to form a flat load space.


Keep everything perfectly in view: the sporty, elegant LED headlights on the Comfortline model put their distinctive stamp on the front end of the new Touran. They include a cornering light function and LED daytime running lights. Their superior lighting power and original design emblazon the vehicle's front end with an even sportier lighting signature compared to standard halogen headlights. LED headlights produce light that is close to the quality of daylight, and they are both more efficient than halogen bulbs and last longer. The front fog lights provide additional illumination in inclement weather.


The front end of the new Touran has a stylish and dynamic appearance. Its sporty, assertive feel makes a great impression. Distinctive radiator grille with stylish chrome strips, black air intake grille and dynamically sculpted headlights: the unmistakable Volkswagen design idiom shines through to particularly stunning effect in the vehicle's front end. An eye-catching tornado line reinforces the dynamic look, forming a V-shaped swage that gives added impact to the Touran's profile.

Panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof

Count the stars above or enjoy the sun's rays: with the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof on the Touran Comfortline, all the passengers in the rear are treated to a breathtaking view out of the vehicle. The roof bathes the interior of the new Touran in a pleasant light and provides a wonderfully clear view of the outside world. Measuring nearly 1.4 m² in size, the remarkably large electric sunroof can be operated while on the move at the simple push of a button.

Comfort and convenience Comfy, versatile seats, a pleasant climate and simple controls. The question "Are we nearly there yet?" will be asked far less often in the remarkably comfortable Touran.

Steering wheel

The leather-covered steering wheel for the Touran puts you firmly in control of both the car and - depending on the version - all the main systems and displays in its interior. The Trendline comes with a leather steering wheel that is pleasant to hold and goes perfectly with the leather gear lever knob. The leather multi-function steering wheel fitted as standard in the Touran Comfortline, meanwhile, lets you control the radio, telephone and multifunction display, for example, without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Multifunctional centre console

The Touran comes with a highly convenient multi-functional centre console including various stowage facilities as standard. It includes two cup holders and storage compartments at the front, while there is also a small storage net in the front-passenger footwell that is ideal for holding flat objects such as books or a tablet PC. The height and length-adjustable centre armrest contains a roomy removable storage box. And anyone sitting in the rear is not disadvantaged in any way - quite the opposite in fact: the standard 'Air Care Climatronic' 3-zone air conditioning can be controlled from here and the air vents adjusted, while there is also a 12V socket for powering all manner of different devices and a large drawer to help keep things tidy.

"Air Care Climatronic" 3-zone air conditioning

A full car and everyone wants a different air conditioning setting: it's too hot for one person, too cold for another and someone else would like plenty of fresh air. The standard 'Air Care Climatronic' air conditioning system solves this problem by dividing the Touran into three separate climate zones for driver, front passenger and rear passengers, allowing it to cater to individual requirements. The passengers in the second row are able to adjust the climate settings for the rear compartment themselves by simply using the control panel on the back of the centre armrest. 'Air Care Climatronic' also includes an allergy filter with activated charcoal cartridge as well as a sensor for monitoring the air quality.

Leather upholstery and trim

With the standard 'Vienna' leather upholstery and trim, an added touch of luxury will be your constant companion. Leather seat upholstery radiates self-assurance, looks extremely elegant and is hard-wearing too. No matter whether it's during the hectic daily routine or when travelling: its pleasant feel is a constant source of delight. The leather-covered steering wheel and gear lever knob feel pleasant to grip and put the finishing touches to the cabin's classy ambience.

Space Compact dimensions on the outside and inside plenty of room for loads of fun: in the Touran you can simply take everything you need with you.

Seating comfort in rear

As everyone knows, Very Important People always sit in the rear. To make sure your nearest and dearest feel like VIPs too, the Touran offers exceptional seating comfort in the rear. Maximum legroom or extra load space: it is entirely up to you in the Touran because the three comfortable individual seats in the second row can be positioned to best suit your requirements. They can be slid fore/aft by 200 mm and the backrest angle can be individually adjusted. The third row seats also offer plenty of space, even for adults. The 'Easy Entry' system makes the seats easily accessible, and they can be folded down to form a flat load area whenever they are not in use. ISOFIX anchorage points are furthermore included on all seats in the second and third rows to allow child seats to be safely secured.

Assistance systems On duty to enhance occupant protection and comfort: the assistance systems in the Touran take the hard work out of the daily routine and can defuse hazardous situations.

Side Assist*

Helps to keep an eye on the blind spots: the optional Side Assist lane change assistant including Rear Traffic Alert comes to your aid in awkward traffic situations. Whether you're driving alone or with a full car, Side Assist comes to your aid when changing lane on multi-lane highways, as far as the system's limits allow. The system is active at speeds above 30 km/h and monitors traffic behind with the help of radar sensors. If, during the intended lane change, the radar detects a vehicle in the area not visible to the driver or that is approaching fast from behind, the system alerts the driver with a visual signal in the exterior mirror.

When you wish to reverse out of a parking space with restricted visibility, Rear Traffic Alert can detect approaching vehicles within a certain area and give you an audible warning. If need be, the system can even brake the vehicle within its own limits to ideally prevent a collision or at least reduce the severity of the impact.

*optionally available on the Touran Comfortline with EQP.

Multi-collision brake

Assists when the majority of drivers are no longer able to react: the multi-collision brake can help to prevent secondary collisions or vehicle skidding following a rear-end collision. In a rear-end collision, there is often more than just one impact. The force of the initial impact can, for example, push one of the vehicles involved into the flow of oncoming traffic. The multi-collision brake serves to reduce the risk of secondary collisions as far as the system's limits allow. If the system's two independent sensors register a collision, it initiates braking down to a speed of 10 km/h after a predefined short delay. During this process, the driver can intervene at any time and take control again.

Front Assist

On the Touran Comfortline, the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system including City Emergency Braking function offers more relaxed driving. Should the sensors detect that you are driving critically close to the vehicle in front, the system is activated: as far as the system's limits allow, it can help you to avoid an imminent rear-end collision or reduce its severity. Front Assist emits acoustic and visual warnings at the same time as preparing the Touran's brakes for emergency braking. If the driver brakes too lightly, the assistance system will automatically boost brake pressure. And if the driver fails to react at all, the system triggers automatic partial braking. The City Emergency Braking function is active at speeds below 30 km/h and is capable of detecting a critical distance to vehicles ahead as far as the system's limits allow. Brake intervention reduces the speed sufficiently to ideally avoid a rear-end collision altogether or at least lessen its consequences.

Technology Innovation is thinking that little bit further – progress is letting you benefit from it. Save with BlueMotion Technology, have fun at the wheel with efficient drive systems and experience technologies designed for every day.

Driving profile selection

The driving profile selection feature on the Touran Comfortline lets you adapt the car to your driving style, depending on either the situation or your personal preferences. Everyone has their own ideas about the ideal vehicle setup. The feature lets you tailor the drive system, steering and transmission characteristics and even the air conditioning setting to your requirements, thanks to the Individual profile option. Once you have programmed all functions to suit your preferences and saved them, a push of a button is all it takes to activate your preset configuration. Or maybe you would like to drive particularly economically today? Then just switch from the Normal driving mode to the Eco profile, which is geared towards maximum efficiency.

Tyre monitoring indicator  

Are the tyres still properly inflated? Check with the help of the handy tyre monitoring indicator. Tyre pressure has an impact on fuel consumption, tyre life and vehicle traction. To make sure you receive prompt notification when the pressure in one of the tyres is too low, the Touran is fitted with a tyre monitoring indicator as standard. If the rotational speed sensors detect, within the system's limits, that one of the wheels is turning faster than the others over an equal distance - meaning its circumference is smaller - a symbol lights up to alert you.


Small in size, big on power delivery: TSI petrol engines from Volkswagen require little fuel to generate impressive performance. It's the best way of whisking the kids to the school - or your surfboard to the beach: the 1.4 TSI engine in the Touran is sure to delight you with its high pulling power and low fuel consumption. The intelligent combination of downsizing with direct petrol injection and turbocharging results in uniform power build-up and high efficiency. You are sure to be impressed by its power, low fuel consumption and smooth running characteristics.

Infotainment Infotainment featuring state-of-the-art technology is a must in the Touran.

Radio systems

Music makes the world go round! To allow you to appreciate this to full effect, the Touran has the latest generation radio systems on board. In the Trendline version, you have the pleasure of listening to the 'Composition Color' radio as standard. This features a colour touchscreen, a CD player, eight speakers and a twin tuner with phase diversity for optimum radio reception. It also offers you the option of connecting your smartphone, for example, via the AUX-IN multimedia port. Alternatively, you can also use an SD card as the source for audio data. The 'Composition Media' unit in the Touran Comfortline meanwhile stands out for its generously sized 6.5-inch colour touchscreen including proximity sensor technology for supreme ease of use and a Bluetooth interface for your mobile phone. 5-way tone control furthermore lets you adjust the music's timbre exactly to suit your personal preferences.

Servicing and warranty Every Volkswagen model comes with the following coverage.

All Volkswagen models come with a 3-year free service maintenance package:

  • 15,000 km or 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • 30,000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first)
  • 45,000 km or 3 years (whichever comes first)

Vehicles purchased after 1st April 2017 come with comprehensive warranty coverage of up to 5 years or 100,000km mileage (whichever comes first). For more warranty information, please click here.

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