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3 surprising reasons why you’ll love visiting this car showroom

Buying a car is no simple feat. There are a plethora of things to deal with before you can even put your hands on the steering wheel - getting the right loan, negotiating a good price, reviewing insurance rates, and finding that ideal make and model of car you'll enjoy driving.

Most will head to a showroom to check out the cars, only to be greeted by pushy and overbearing salesmen. But Volkswagen makes sure that every visit to its showroom is as enjoyable as possible, even if you are just browsing.

If you do become an owner, your ride gets even better, as you are entitled to its customer privileges programme which includes workshops, family outings and yes, even a "boys' night out".

Here are three reasons why Volkswagen is not just your typical car brand. 

1. It's more than just a car showroom

A car showroom is usually not the first place on most people's list if they are looking to chill and relax, but you can do so at Volkswagen. At its showroom at Alexandra Road, customers can have a drink at the Volks Cafe, browse the Volks Shop for merchandise such as apparel and car accessories, or enjoy head and shoulder massages by qualified blind masseurs.

2. You can learn something new

Volkswagen owners can sign up for the specially organised events and workshops that cater to all interests. Fitness buffs can look forward to yoga sessions, amateur photographers can pick up useful tips at photography workshops, while the adventurous can go on educational road trips with like-minded people. Best of all, family and friends are welcome too! Look out for the events, organised once a month, and sign up at

For new Volkswagen owners, there are regular My Volkswagen sessions. These sessions are specially customised for new owners so that they can learn more about their cars in a casual setting, understand their features better, get tips on how to maintain them, and ultimately get the best experience from their cars.

3. It offers you shopping privileges

Owning a Volkswagen comes with a host of benefits and shopping privileges. Enjoy special deals on products and services ranging from discounted hotel packages and spa treatments to yacht charters, and emerge looking and feeling good. Check out the full list of benefits at


This article was first published on Men's Health.