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6 kinds of people you should never go on a roadtrip with Car + friends = roadtrip! But there are some types you simply cannot take with you. Before you load up the boot and make the long drive, read below.

1. The one who won't take a turn sitting in the centre

Sitting in the centre seat is uncomfortable, we all know it. You have to either perch your legs up on the hump or you have place them at the sides. When the car makes a sharp turn, you are tossed around like vegetables in a salad. Nobody likes sitting in the centre! So on a roadtrip, it makes sense that everyone takes a turn! Unless your pal is a supermodel or an NBA basketball player, he or she can, and should, take a turn.


2. The one who hogs the car stereo

Also known as the one who fancies himself as a semi-professional DJ. His tastes in music is shizzy, everyone who listens to Taylor Swift is nonsense, it's his playlist or nothing. Will this guy just stop? 5 hours on the road listening to what one person says is music is enough to bring out the road rage in anyone. Leave this dude at home.

3. The one who thinks bathing is optional because, "We are on a holiday!"

Confined space, many human beings, one stink-bomb, we'd be surprised if you are still friends with this person after the trip.

4. The one who sees a roadtrip as his chance to live it up!

At every stop, he is determined to go, "Woot! Let's drink!" By the fourth, he is too sloshed to take over the wheel. The night before you guys hit the road again, he's up late partying and drinking, and obviously will be too hungover to drive. Everyone, not just one person, deserves to have fun. If you find yourself constantly having to be "The responsible one" so that someone else can let himself go, let him go home.

5. The one who thinks he is Mad Max

Everthing on the road pissed him off. If a car overtakes his, he makes it his mission to speed up and overtake back. If he thinks another driver has just thrown shade at him, get ready to buckle up and cling on for dear life. Of course, you really shouldn't have to put your life on the line. Unless you are undertaking a perilous journey, don't travel with Mad Max.

6. The one who just wants to follow the guidebooks

Roadtrips should be a mix of knowing where you wanna go and discovering the unexpected. It's okay if you guys can't find a certain eatery mentioned by a food blogger. You also should be open-minded enough to try something no blogger or guidebook has written about. If your friend is insistent on living out every single word of so-and-so, sign him up for a tour and take to the road on your own.

This article was first published on Go Away.