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8 happy reasons to visit this car showroom (even if it’s not to buy a car)

1. Expand your musical horizons

What better way to bring people together than with music, the language of the soul? Specially organised for Volkswagen owners and their friends, the music events feature homegrown musicians covering a wide range of genres from jazz to a cappella to even Mandopop! For instance, Glee Music Night, held two months ago in April and led by John Khoo and Deniece Foo of MADDspace by the Singapore Show Choir Academy, saw participants dancing and singing along to some of the TV show's greatest hits; while Mandopop Music Night, held in collaboration with Millet Music in December 2015, involved a rousing performance of classic tunes by the "4 Heavenly Kings" and teaching participants the different chords used in Mandopop.


2. Keep up a healthy lifestyle

Understanding fitness and eating well are integral parts of a healthy lifestyle, Volkswagen regularly puts together unique health and wellness events at the showroom, inviting participants to work up a sweat and take home some great tips from the experts. In October 2015, Jessica Sinclair, founder of The Yoga Mandala, conducted an invigorating yoga class for Volkswagen owners and their loved ones; and to kickstart 2016, Volkswagen invited Dr Melvin Look from the Pan Asia Surgery Group and Cheryl Tay, founder of Rock The Naked Truth movement, to give a workshop on positive thinking and healthy eating habits.

3. Treat your taste buds

From hawker favourites to an exclusive four-course dinner prepared by an esteemed chef, you can never go hungry at Volkswagen's food events. One of the highlights is Makansutra Amazing Graze, held last year in collaboration with Makansutra. Some 24 teams of Volkswagen owners raced around Singapore to hunt down eight popular hawker stalls, solving fun puzzles along the way to obtain clues and at the same time learn more about Singapore's unique hawker culture. The race concluded with Makansutra founder KF Seetoh giving away prizes to the top teams.

4. Advance your career

Thinking of starting your own business? Look out for Volkswagen's career-related events, such as Digital Entrepreneur Workshop, held in collaboration with content agency Material World last year. Featuring three outspoken entrepreneurs from Material World, Airbnb, and Chope, the workshop offered participants some invaluable insights into entrepreneurship.

5. Get your dose of LOL

Laugh away your stress and worries at fun and engaging events, like the recent Volkswagen Comedy Night! Local funnyman Hossan Leong was "privileged lady of means" Miriam Leong-Lim for the night, entertaining participants with her hilariously dramatic antics as well as witty jokes about current affairs. This event was also held to unveil the winner of Go Away's Drive For Good campaign, a charity campaign supported by Volkswagen and featuring Miriam Leong-Lim alongside five personalities in a series of videos.

6. Bond with your family

All the aforementioned events held at the Volkswagen showroom are excellent family-bonding activities - and these are even better! Some of the past events specially organised to strengthen and celebrate the family bond include a cooking workshop, Volkswagen Fun Family Friday and Mom's Night Out. Volkswagen Fun Family Friday saw families come together for a variety of workshops like coffee appreciation, flower arrangement, and financial planning; Mom's Night Out, held in conjunction with Mother's Day, involved mother-and-child pairs sculpting miniature ice gem biscuits with Jocelyn of AiClay as well as picking up modern calligraphy with Trudy from Poptsie Paper Co.

7. More reasons to love your shiny new car

Every month, new Volkswagen owners are invited to the showroom to learn about the history of the Volkswagen Group, features of their cars, as well as tips on how to maintain their new Volkswagen.

8. Chill and relax

Regardless of your reasons for visiting the showroom - be it for car servicing or to attend an event - you can be assured of a relaxing time there. Kick back at the Volks Cafe, where you can enjoy coffee, tea or fresh juice prepared by the friendly staff, or browse the Volks Shop for cool Volkswagen merchandise.

Bonus: 9. Be among the first to know about partner events

As a Volkswagen owner, you'll be among the first to find out about the latest events and happenings with partners, such as Go Away's Come Ride With Me: Sake Bar Crawl. Four Volkswagen rides - Golf Cabriolet, Scirocco, Sharan, and Touareg - ferried participants of the bar crawl to various sake bars, so everyone could drink merrily in the knowledge that they were in safe hands!

Text Credits: Tan Lili

Photo credits: Facebook

This article was first published on Go Away.