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Five reasons why sedans should be on your To-Buy list

Ask anyone to draw a car and we can bet the majority are going to draw one in the shape of a sedan.

And why wouldn't they? Sedans to the automotive world are like chicken rice to Singaporean cuisine. They are the most recognisable types of cars and will continue to be popular, despite the never-ending onslaught from a worldwide legion of compact Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), displacing the former bodystyle as consumers' favoured vehicle type.

We spent a day living in one of Singapore's most popular sedans, to find out why they continue to be the best type of cars to own.


1. Greater driving and aerodynamics

Many sedans are the building blocks of high-power and performance vehicles. For the fact that a sedan rides lower than an SUV, and has a lower centre of gravity, it's natural for a sedan to have much sharper driving dynamics than an SUV.

A sedan's superior agility also makes driving safer and easier in case you have to make an emergency manoeuvre, and it gives you more confidence doing so. At the same time, because of a sedan's wedge-like design, they are obviously more aerodynamic. This means more than just superior stability at higher speeds; but coupled with lighter curb weights, typically offer better fuel economy.

2. Contrary to popular belief, they're not that cramp

From our observation, thanks to the many cars we get to drive, sedans aren't usually any less cramp than their compact SUV counterparts.

They may offer slightly less headroom because of their lower and sleeker rooflines, but if a six-foot American or European can fit in one and not complain, it's rare that us as Singaporeans will have any trouble being comfortable behind.

Legroom, too, in many sedans such as this Volkswagen Jetta, is more than enough, even for long drives up North.

3. More convenient boot access

Having driven enough SUVs to begin nitpicking at them, one of our worst pet peeves is when you decide to unload something out of the boot and you're backed up close against a wall or another car. An outward-swinging boot door is a problem in many HDB carparks, making it troublesome when you need to retrieve something once you're parked.

You won't, however, get that problem with a sedan's upwards-swinging boot. Plus, many sedans have very generous boot capacities. The Volkswagen Jetta, for example, measures a generous 510 litres.

4. Easier to wash

As we mentioned earlier, sedans are lower in height and because most of us aren't that tall either, giving your car its weekly wash is a lot easier with a sedan. If you are a thorough washer, like us, you won't have to tip-toe on a stool to sponge the roof. It'll be easier, quicker and less strenous, giving you more time for a Sunday cup of coffee and a good book.

With an SUV, unless you've got some Yao Ming genes in you, chances are you will have to, or leave the roof untouched. The same theory goes for drying the car.

5. Sedans aren't boring; they're modern

Some might see sedans as 'proven' platforms and think 'old', but while a lot more marketing exposure and hype is dedicated towards compact SUVs now, sedans are equally if not more well-equipped than their stilted brethrens. In the case of the Jetta, it stands out with its enthralling classic silhouette and high-quality details.

In Highline trim, it offers Volkswagen's Discover Media navigation 6.33-inch TFT touchscreen system, electric driver's seat and the highly-useful Volkswagen Multi-function Display (MFD) 'Plus'.

The MFD is a compact information unit positioned directly in front of the driver for his or her convenience and safety. It lets the driver check out important information such as engine oil temperature, fuel consumption, speed, phone functions and vehicle status at a glance, without taking attention away from the road.

This article was first published on sgCarMart.