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Volkswagen's first-class pre-owned vehicle programme

When buying a big ticket item, one should always be careful. In Singapore, where big ticket items such as cars are ridiculously expensive, it's normal to sway towards the cheapest deals. But is a cheap buy your best bet? Cars are complicated mechanical and electronical machines, and can be very expensive to fix when things go wrong. A bad car, also known as a lemon, is what you'd want to stay away from.

It's also no industry secret that some used car dealers prioritise profit over customer satisfaction. We're sure you've heard of the many cases whereby used car dealers lie about the condition of a car, or cheaply fix one before it's posted on the used car market.

You're already blowing a wad of cash on something that's meant to improve travel convenience in your life. Would you want to end up driving a car, which is going to spend most of its life in a workshop instead of on the roads? Would you dare drive a car that comprises your safety and the lives of everyone on board?

If your answer is yes, you might want to seriously reconsider car ownership. After all, we should never be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Das the way to go

However, if you're sensible and don't mind forking out a tiny bit more for a peace of mind, you might want to start browsing for your next used car at Das WeltAuto. Launched worldwide in 2010 by the Volkswagen Group, Das WeltAuto is a used car programme designed to offer the same exceptional level of experience as a new car customer, giving you complete purchasing confidence. The programme made its way to Singapore in 2014 and has since been steadily gaining popularity.

A first-class pre-owned vehicle brand, Das WeltAuto is also a complete programme allowing you to fully experience top German technology, Volkswagen Group's standardised process, systematic after sales solutions, and worry-free quality warranty.

Das WeltAuto has now succeeded in providing drivers with one-stop pre-owned vehicle experiences in 24 countries.

Thorough to the bone

Every used car for sale at Das WeltAuto goes through a thorough multi-point check by skilled, Volkswagen-trained technicians before it can become a Das WeltAuto used car. Das WeltAuto also verifies that the car's mileage is correct and ensures that the vehicle's identity matches with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore's records.

Any problems, minor or major, are identified and rectified using only original Volkswagen parts. Only then can it be certified under its Approved Used Car programme. Even tiny details like light scratches and small dents are paid attention to, and highlighted upon arrival.

The company basically replaces all wear and tear on the cars they take in, thus, it's confident to sell them with at least a 12-month Volkswagen warranty. So you can be rest assured that if the unexpected or unfortunate happens, you and your car are protected.

This warranty certifies that the car has been carefully and professionally checked with regards to all relevant vehicle components and fluid levels. Think of it as purchasing a 'new car' at a much lower cost.

Easy peasy financing

Das WeltAuto also promises attractive trade-in offers for your existing car upon detailed evaluation by its experienced appraisers. There are attractive financing and leasing offers, too. When buying from Das WeltAuto, you can be sure you'll be offered one of the most competitive loan interest rates in the market.

Personally speaking

I hunted for a Volkswagen Golf GTI for about a month and after visiting several used car dealerships, I just wasn't convinced or comfortable. I then decided to pay Das WeltAuto a visit when this particular unit was listed and I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't just the condition of the car that helped me confirm my purchase with Das WeltAuto but also the level of service and professionalism displayed by its sales people.

Whether it's a question as silly as how to turn on the foglamps or in-depth advice on engine and gearbox maintenance, Das WeltAuto's Sales Representative Daryl Lauw, 25, was patient and gave very clear and insightful advice. Many used car dealers like to advertise their cars as 'showroom condition' and while some are gimmicky, the GTI I purchased from Das WeltAuto was exactly that - aesthetically and mechanically.

Until today, six months from my purchase, I've never had after sales or maintence woes; the car continues to be in tip-top condition and I strongly suggest that anyone who wants a used Volkswagen should head down to Das WeltAuto to have a look. On a side note, I should also thank Andrian Dela Cruz from Volkswagen Singapore's Aftersales Team for the fantastic assistance he's provided post purchase.

Das WeltAuto has two outlets. One at OC Building, 1 Chang Charn Road Singapore (159630) and the other at 1 Kampong Ampat Singapore (368314). It's open from 9:00am to 7:00pm on Mondays to Saturdays and from 10:00am to 6:00pm on Sundays and public holidays. If you've found a car you like from its site, you may also contact them first at 6496 6488 before heading down.

Text Credits: sgCarMart

This article was first published on sgCarMart