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2010 Jetta Sport 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Hubert Tang

Owner: Hubert Tang
Occupation: Co-host of The Power Breakfast Show on Power 98 FM
Model: 2010 Jetta Sport 1.4 TSI

What do you like about your Volkswagen Jetta?

The Volkswagen Jetta's power is one thing I never get tired of. I'm an avid golfer and I travel to Malaysia to play almost every week - and I don't drive slow (laughs) - so the power is great for overtaking. Yet the Volkswagen Jetta's fuel consumption is pretty amazing. If I take it easy, I can easily get 600 km on a full tank, with more fuel to spare. Also, the boot is so effin' big! On a trip to Melaka once, I managed to squeeze four golf bags, luggage, groceries and shopping all into the huge trunk.


Any interesting experiences you've had with your Volkswagen Jetta?

When I go on trips, everyone wants to be a passenger in my Jetta. Perhaps because it's spacious and the car is very stable at high speeds. But yeah, that trip to Melaka where I managed to squeeze oodles of stuff in my Volkswagen Jetta's boot was epic.

Do you have future plans for your Volkswagen Jetta?

I had planned to chip it up, but honestly, this Volkswagen Jetta is a lot of fun as it is - you step on the gas and it goes! So I'm very happy with the current setup. It's a great drive.