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’62 Ragtop Beetle Owner feature - Keith Tan

Owner: Keith Tan
Occupation: Executive Creative Director
Model: '62 Ragtop Beetle

What do you love about your Volkswagen Beetle?

The looks, the simplicity of how the Volkswagen Beetle drives and feels, and of course, the uniqueness of driving an iconic vintage car in Singapore.


Any interesting experiences you've had with your Volkswagen Beetle?

The minute you drive a Volkswagen Beetle, people tend to be friendlier towards you. I've had drivers chatting with me at traffic lights, a photographer approaching me to work on a collaboration and people walking up to take photos with the Volkswagen Beetle. Whether you're a kid or a senior, the Volkswagen Beetle is probably the most recognisable car in the world. The timeless design has such a wide and universal appeal - a true testament to its designer's vision.

Do you have future plans for your Volkswagen Beetle?

I love the way it is. If anything, it'd be cosmetic updates and maybe a new sound system.