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Caddy 1.6 TDI Owner feature - Chow Hui Shien

Owner: Chow Hui Shien
Occupation: Deputy CEO of Old Chang Kee
Model: Caddy 1.6 TDI

Tell us an interesting fact about Old Chang Kee that we probably don't know about.

Besides Old Chang Kee outlets, we also operate Curry Times, Dip n Go, Pie Kia and Mushroom Cafes.

Why did you choose the Volkswagen Caddy?

We decided on the Volkswagen Caddy because it has so many car-like features; it has the silhouette of a small MPV and even drives like one. The TDI engine is also environmentally friendly, powerful and fuel-efficient.


How has the Volkswagen Caddy helped you in the business?

Our staffs drive the Caddys to support our outlets and events. The size of the Volkswagen Caddy is similar to a car, which makes driving around congested roads a breeze. The Caddy's ample cargo space also allows us to load and deliver non-food items at the same time, making us more productive and efficient. We are also less reliant on our bigger fleet which is more costly to operate.

Have your drivers shared any feedback about driving the Volkswagen Caddy?

All of them are amazed with the power that the Volkswagen Caddy can produce. We have to constantly remind our drivers to be light-footed with the accelerator (laughs)!