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Sportsvan Owner feature - Goh Hwee Ngor

Owner: Goh Hwee Ngor
Occupation: Regional Director of Finance
Model: Sportsvan

10 years of being a Volkswagen owner is a really long time! Do you still remember your first Volkswagen?

Hwee Ngor: Of course! It was a blue Polo and I loved it. The handling was smooth, the car was zippy and nimble. And at its price point, it was really good value for money. I drove it for about 3 years before my husband took over.


Oh, he drove it too? Did he like it?

HN: Yes he did! Actually, my hubby is quite tall but when he drove it he still felt comfortable - it's more spacious than people think. German engineering is really impressive.

What made you choose another Volkswagen for your second car?

HN: I've always preferred European cars because they're sturdier, stronger and safer. It's the same with the Sportsvan. Also, I think it's a good choice because it's something like an MPV but not as big, and it's fuel efficient too.

Do you have any favourite memories of driving in either Volkswagen?

HN: There are many but I won't forget last year when my family and I drove to Cameron Highlands in the Sportsvan. It was the longest drive we've ever done in Malaysia. My husband doesn't use the GPS when he drives, so I took it upon myself to give him directions by using an old road map I found. Needless to say, we ended up lost and found ourselves at the Kuala Lumpur airport. (laughs) But I guess it was really an adventure!

Xin Yi: (excitedly) And I also like going to KSL shopping centre in the Sportsvan with Mummy too! We go about twice a year.

Cool! Do you like the Sportsvan too, Xin Yi?

XY: Yes, I like the touchscreen!
HN: She likes using the infotainment system to choose her own music! (laughs)

Which is your favourite? The Polo or the Sportsvan?

HN: It's difficult to choose! The Sportsvan is so spacious and packed with great technology like the Start-Stop system and safety features. But the memories of my family in the Polo are still so fresh. When I had it, Xin Yi was still growing up; I remember feeding her in the car, and when she got too big for the child seat. (laughs) So I still have a soft spot for it!