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Golf GTI Owner feature - Ho Kai Shian and Veron Zhen

Owners wax lyrical about their Golf GTIs

VolksMag speaks to two Golf GTI owners to find out why they're so in love with their rides.

Owner: Ho Kai Shian
Occupation: Interior designer
Model: Golf GTI

"None can compare!"
-- Ho Kai Shian

Why the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

I used to own another premium German car, but when I test drove the Volkswagen Golf GTI, I was surprised at how the Volkswagen did everything better!



How long have you had your Volkswagen Golf GTI?

Almost five years now, I've had my Volkswagen Golf GTI since 2008. I can't find anything worthy to replace it.

What is the best thing you love about your Volkswagen Golf GTI?

The power! It's got power on demand plus it's just lovely to drive. I don't feel any need to modify my Volkswagen Golf GTI like some people do. The 200 bhp 2.0 TSI engine is more than enough. Fuel consumption is great too, and I can drive my Volkswagen Golf GTI comfortably when I'm in the mood to cruise. I've driven other cars that are perceived to be better, but none can compare to this car, perhaps only another Volkswagen Golf GTI can.

Owner: Veron Zhen
Occupation: Nurse and owner of blog, Confessions of a Mumzilla
Model: Golf GTI

"I can't bear to part with my Golf GTI."
-- Veron Zhen

Why the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

My husband and I were looking for something more "solid" to replace our old car. We both like fast cars, so the Volkswagen Golf GTI was perfect.


How long have you had your Volkswagen Golf GTI?

I've been driving my Volkswagen Golf GTI for about four years. When our family grew, we had to look for a larger car, but I couldn't bear to part with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, so we got another 7-seater instead. We still find excuses to enjoy outings as a family in this hot hatch!

What is the best thing you love about your Volkswagen Golf GTI?

I love the fact that the Volkswagen Golf GTI is packed with so many features. Our car is specced with Park Assist, which comes equipped with front and rear sensors, a built-in reverse camera and a cool touch-screen display. Great for "kayu" drivers like me!