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Golf Sport 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Aaron Teo

Owner: Aaron Teo
Occupation: Student
Model: Golf Sport 1.4 TSI

If you don't mind me saying, you look rather young to have your own car. What do you really do?

Haha! I actually share the car with my mum who recently got her driving license. I really am a student, but I also help out at the family business, Amasco, that specialises in ceiling fans.


What do you like about the Golf?

The gearbox! The DSG is super fast in its shifting and that helps when you need to downshift to overtake slower traffic. The power is also very impressive. The car is fully
loaded, it even has a reverse camera, which is a big help for mum when she needs to park.

You've fitted some parts to make the car even sportier!

Yes, we spent a bit of money doing it up. But unlike Volkswagen original parts, these parts don't come with a warranty (laughs). What I truly appreciate about servicing the car at Volkswagen, is the fact that they give a new warranty when parts are changed. Which is something other car companies don't do.