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Jetta 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Edward Chia

Owner: Edward Chia
Occupation: Co-founder of Dosirak
Model: Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI

That's a very sleek Jetta. How long have you had it?

About a year now. My brother and I initially wanted to get a Scirocco because it's such a good looking car! But after checking it out at the showroom, we felt that the Jetta was more suited for our business needs - like transporting equipment for the events that Dosirak caters food for.


Wow! Can you really fit everything you need in a Jetta?

You'd be surprised! For our recent event at the Volkswagen showroom, I fit in a trolley, tables, tongs and extra containers. The cool thing about the Jetta is that you can fold down the back seats so you 'extend' the already spacious boot.

As a business owner, would you say that Dosirak and the Volkswagen brand are similar?

We're both about packing quality in a compact product. At Dosirak, we package each meal in compact lunchboxes. It's a perfect 300-320 grams of fresh, nutritious, well-prepared food - all under 500 calories. And with Volkswagen too, you've got tons of high quality features and technology even in compact cars like the Golf or Jetta!

Can you describe your Jetta in 3 words?

Can I do 3 syllables? 'Trans-for-mer'. (laughs) Because if you need to transport loads of stuff for work, it's the ideal car! But when you want to just use it as a fun family sedan, you can as well!