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Jetta Sport 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Nicholas and Elsa Khoo

Owner: Nicholas and Elsa Khoo
Model: Jetta Sport 1.4 TSI

You are our very first "I love my Volkswagen" photo contest winners. How has life been since then?

Life's been good! We've been busy with our jobs and enjoying married life!

What do you like about your Volkswagen Jetta Sport?

We've had the Jetta for about 2 years. I love the power! When necessary, I'm able to overtake most other vehicles with ease. The 6-speed DSG gearbox is also very reliable. Elsa likes the spacious boot, which is perfect for our occasional IKEA trips!


Share with us some interesting stories you've had with your Volkswagen Jetta Sport!

We would love to if the COE prices were lower! I want a Volkswagen Golf GTI! But I guess our next car will most likely be a Volkswagen Touran or a Volkswagen Passat, as these cars would be a bit more practical for our needs.