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Passat 2.0 FSI Owner feature - Shenn Sim

Owner: Shenn Sim
Occupation: Founding Partner of Carpenter & Cook vintage store and artisan bakery café
Model: Passat 2.0 FSI

So you're a Volkswagen fan! Tell us more.

Yes I am! I actually grew up around Volkswagen cars a lot! My mum had a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, and when my sister got her driving license, my parents got her a classic Volkswagen Beetle. We had another silver Volkswagen Beetle along the way too!


That's a lot of Beetles. Any other models?

When I was in the UK, I got myself a Volkswagen Passat. It ran on diesel and it was a gem of a car. We went everywhere with my Volkswagen Passat and it had such a huge boot. In fact, a lot of the vintage items you see in my shop were sourced from the UK, and yes, the Passat made it really easy for us to pack them all in.

So you liked the Volkswagen Passat so much you bought one when you came back?

Exactly. When we got back, getting a Volkswagen Passat was the natural choice, and we've driven this Passat ever since. Ideally we'd love to get another Volkswagen when the time comes to replace it.