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Passat CC 2.0 TSI Owner feature - Mike Chiang

Owner: Mike Chiang
Occupation: Key Account Manager, Professional Segment, Philips
Model: Passat CC 2.0 TSI

Care to share a bit about what you do?

I specialise in road and outdoor lighting. My colleagues call me the 'King of the road', because I work closely with the Land Transport Authority to supply and maintain all the street lights on our roads.


That's really interesting to know! So what do you like about your car, not just the lights I hope?

Of course not. I've had this Passat CC for more than a year and I really enjoy the smooth and comfortable ride. I love the styling too. This unit is one of the few around with a full Volkswagen R-Line kit.

It is indeed a beautiful car. Is this your only ride?

I also have a German sports SUV, which the kids love because of the high seating position. But not me. I really enjoy driving my Passat CC so much more. It's lighter on its feet and simply more fun to drive.

Anything about the car that surprised you since you've had it?

Despite looking so sleek, it has a surprisingly large boot. I coach tennis during my off-work hours and the boot easily swallows all my gear and equipment. I would say that this car has everything; style, space and speed!