Polo 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Denise Soh

Owner: Denise Soh
Occupation: Practice Trainee at a law firm
Model: Polo 1.4 TSI

How long have you had your Volkswagen Polo and what do you use it for?

I've had the Volkswagen Polo since I got my driving license in 2009! I drove the Polo a lot when I was in school, then my brother used it when he was in the army while I took it out on weekends.


What is one thing about the Volkswagen Polo you really like?

Can I pick two? I really love how compact the Polo is. It's so easy to handle and I can often get into parking lots that are too tight for others! I also absolutely love how reliable the Volkswagen Polo has been.

Describe the Volkswagen Polo in three words.

My intimate friend.

We hear you come from a family of Volkswagen fans, care to tell us more about that?

That's right! We've been fans of Volkswagen for about a decade now. Dad started with the Volkswagen Passat, then we got the Volkswagen Polo that I drive now and we recently acquired the new Volkswagen Golf. We've been very pleased with every one of them, so I believe we will continue driving Volkswagen cars! I'm going to buy my Volkswagen Beetle convertible in light blue someday!

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