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Scirocco 1.4 TSI Owner feature - Kenneth Lau

Owner: Kenneth Lau
Occupation: Chief Kommunicater at Kommune Cafe and Bistro
Model: Scirocco 1.4 TSI

So you're quite a bit of an F&B guru?

I won't call myself a guru, but aside from the cafe, I manage AVOT Systems, an F&B consultancy company. With a long history in setting up Point of Sales systems, I've made many connections and built a huge contact base in the F&B industry. I use that knowledge to help others set up their businesses now (big grin).


Besides food, you seem to be a big fan of Volkswagen too?

Pretty much (big grin again). I used to drive an '86 Golf GTI when I was studying in Hawaii. I enjoyed meeting other VW owners and we'd go on "car cruises" all the time. I loved my GTI, but I always had my eye on the Mk2 Scirocco. So when it was time to get a car here, the choice was clear.

What do you like about your car?

I love the drive! Be it a trip up north to meet a client or down to the local supermarket for some groceries, the Scirocco is just really nice to drive. The spirit of Aloha I experienced in Hawaii exists here too - the community of VW owners in Singapore makes owning a Scirocco very enjoyable. We meet often to bond over a simple coffee and share our love for our cars. Y'know I even have a coffee on my menu called The Scirocco!